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  • LesserKnown US Presidents
    Last Aired

    Lesser-Known U.S. Presidents

    Historian Arthur Schlesinger, editor of Times Books' “American Presidents Series,” moderated a panel discussion of the lives of some of America’s lesser-known presidents. The panelists were…

  • The Modern Middle East
    Last Aired

    The Modern Middle East

    Moderated by Mr. Karabell, the panelists discussed the topic, “The Changing Shape of the Middle East” and their books on the topic. They responded to questions from members of the audience. Reza Aslan is the…

  • Morality and History
    Last Aired

    Morality and History

    Mr. Winchester was interviewed and responded to viewer telephone calls about his writing process and his history books. Then the panel he was on titled “Does History Have a Moral?” was shown. The panel…

  • Making Sense of Todays World
    Last Aired

    Making Sense of Today's World

    A panel discussion on “Making Sense of Today’s World” was held in celebration of the opening of this new Borders store, which replaces the World Trade Center Borders that was destroyed during the September…

  • In the Beginning Revisiting the Bible
    Last Aired

    In the Beginning: Revisiting the Bible

    Authors who have written about the Bible in a variety of ways talked about their books. Jack Miles wrote God, A Biography, and more recently, Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God. Anita…