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  • General Wesley Clark on US Global Leadership
    Last Aired

    Don't Wait for the Next War

    General Wesley Clark (Ret.) talked about his book, Don’t Wait for the Next War: A Strategy for American Growth and Global Leadership, in which he presents his plan to preserve U.S.…

  • Benghazi Attack and Intervention in Libya
    Last Aired

    Benghazi Consulate Attack Investigation

    Witnesses testified about the 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and the Obama administration’s response. Brigadier General Robert Lovell (Ret.) was the Africa Command intelligence…

  • emState of Disrepairem
    Last Aired

    State of Disrepair

    Kori Schake talked about her book, State of Disrepair: Fixing the Culture and Practices of the State Department, in which she takes a critical look at the performance of the State Department. The…

  • Modernizing the Military Budget
    Last Aired

    Modernizing the Military Budget

    Former defense and foreign policy officials talked about cuts to the U.S. defense budget, maintaining national security, and modernizing the military budget. Among the topics they addressed…

  • Afghanistan and Pakistan
    Last Aired

    Afghanistan and Pakistan

    Panelists spoke about U.S. operations in Afghanistan and preparations for the 2014 troop withdrawal. Among the topics they addressed were U.S. strategy in the region, the capabilities of…

  • Beyond the War on Terror
    Last Aired

    Beyond the War on Terror

    Participants in a day-long forum on U.S. military policy and terrorism spoke about a number of issues. Admiral Roughead spoke about the role of the Navy in national security and counterterrorism. Following…

  • US Foreign Policy Agenda
    Last Aired

    U.S. Foreign Policy Agenda

    Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg opened a day-long conference on the future of U.S. foreign policy with a speech about U.S. foreign policy priorities. Following his remarks…