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  • Life and Career of Ron Brown
    Last Aired

    Life and Career of Ron Brown

    Ron Brown talked about his background and how he began in politics. He grew up in Harlem where his father managed a landmark hotel. He talked about discrimination he faced when he was the only black…

  • Secretary of Commerce Confirmation Hearings
    Last Aired

    Secretary of Commerce Confirmation Hearings

    The committee questioned Mr. Brown during his confirmation hearing for the Cabinet appointment to secretary of the Department of Commerce. Mr. Brown responded to questions from members of the…

  • Clinton Economic Conference
    Last Aired

    Clinton Economic Conference

    Economists and business leaders discussed initiatives for short and long term investment in the U.S. economy in the first session of the second day of the economic conference in Little Rock…

  • Clinton Cabinet Announcement
    Last Aired

    Clinton Cabinet Announcement

    Gov. Bill Clinton spoke in a news conference to announce his appointments for secretary of commerce and White House chief of staff. With the vice president-elect behind him, Gov. Clinton…

  • Presidential Inauguration Plans
    Last Aired

    Presidential Inauguration Plans

    Mr. Brown, Ms. French, and Mr. Emanuel briefed reporters on plans for the January 20 inauguration of President-elect Bill Clinton and Vice President-elect Al Gore. They discussed various…

  • Dinner Honoring Democratic Natl Cmte Chair
    Last Aired

    Dinner Honoring Democratic Natl. Cmte. Chair

    Several figures in the Democratic Party spoke at a dinner honoring Ron Brown, chairman of the Democratic National Committee during the 1992 presidential campaign. Speakers included the wife…

  • Post Election News Conference
    Last Aired

    Post Election News Conference

    Mr. Brown spoke to reporters on the morning after the 1992 election to analyze the state of the Democratic party after the previous day’s presidential and congressional election. He lauded…

  • Clinton Campaign Rally
    Last Aired

    Clinton Campaign Rally

    Democratic presidential nominee Gov. Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary spoke at an election eve campaign rally in Romulus, a suburb of Detroit. Surrounded by supporters bearing blue “United For…

  • ClintonGore Campaign Rally
    Last Aired

    Clinton/Gore Campaign Rally

    Democratic presidential nominee Gov. Bill Clinton spoke to supporters in Brendan Byrne Arena at a campaign rally two days before the election. Following a number of speeches by Hollywood…

  • Clinton Campaign Rally
    Last Aired

    Clinton Campaign Rally

    Democratic presidential candidate Governor Bill Clinton and his running mate Senstor Al Gore spoke to a campaign rally on the morning after the final presidential candidates debate. Speaking from a festooned…

  • Presidential Debate Analysis
    Last Aired

    Presidential Debate Analysis

    Cameras recorded politicians, campaign staff and administration officials as they responded to questions from reporters immediately following the third presidential candidates debate. The…

  • Presidential Debate Preview
    Last Aired

    Presidential Debate Preview

    The preview of the third presidential debate in East Lansing, Michigan, included telephone callers' questions to Mr. Barnes, sitting in the Washington studio, and several campaign officials…

  • Illinois Senate Race
    Last Aired

    Illinois Senate Race

    Mr. Hardy was interviewed via remote link. He discussed the Illinois Senate race and the video clips which were shown.

  • Gore Campaign Rally
    Last Aired

    Gore Campaign Rally

    Mr. Brown rallied support from the crowd for the Clinton-Gore ticket. Ms. Braun spoke about campaign issues including the environment and abortion rights. Senator Gore appeared at the rally with…

  • Republican National Convention
    Last Aired

    Republican National Convention

    Mr. Brown discussed the presidential campaign and the events of the Republican National Convention. He criticized President Bush for allowing personal attacks on the Clinton/Gore ticket…

  • Democratic National Cmte Press Conference
    Last Aired

    Democratic National Cmte. Press Conference

    Mr. Brown commented on the Republican National Convention and his puropose for being in Houston as the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Ms. Wright talked about some of the…

  • Clinton Campaign News Conference
    Last Aired

    Clinton Campaign News Conference

    Leading Democratic governors showed support for Governor Clinton as the Democratic presidential candidate. Each governor expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming race and remarked on some of Mr.…

  • Democratic National Committee Meeting
    Last Aired

    Democratic National Committee Meeting

    The Democratic National Committee held a meeting on the day after the nomination of Gov. Bill Clinton as the Democratic candidate for president. Ron Brown and others talked about issues…

  • The Jewish Community and the 1992 Election
    Last Aired

    The Jewish Community and the 1992 Election

    Leaders of the Democratic Party discussed the importance of the Jewish community in the 1992 election. Issues such as health care, the economy, education, and Israel were focused on by the…

  • Democratic National Committee News Conference
    Last Aired

    Democratic National Committee News Conference

    Ron Brown gave the final news briefing of a weeklong series of briefings concerning the convention, the Democratic Party nominees, and the upcoming presidential campaign.

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