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  • Debt Ceiling and Default
    Last Aired

    Debt Ceiling and Default

    Witnesses testified on the impact of a default on financial stability and economic growth in the U.S. In their remarks the outlined various scenarios should Congress allow a default and…

  • Goldman Sachs CEO Surveys Financial Markets
    Last Aired

    Lloyd Blankfein on the Economy and Financial Markets

    Lloyd Blankfein was interviewed at the Investment Company Institute’s 2013 general membership Meeting. Topics included the economic outlook and recovery, Federal Reserve’s stimulus actions, the Eurozone crisis,…

  • Mary Jo White Remarks
    Last Aired

    Mary Jo White Remarks

    Security and Exchange Commissioner Mary Jo White spoke to financial industry members about the role of the SEC and the impact of regulation on international financial markets. She responded…

  • Money Market Mutual Funds
    Last Aired

    Money Market Mutual Funds

    Witnesses testified about money market funds and proposed regulation of the financial industry. Mary Schapiro said money market funds posed a systemic risk to the financial system and…

  • Financial Regulations and RuleMaking
    Last Aired

    Financial Regulations and Rule-Making

    Mary Schapiro talked about the Securities and and Exchange Commission’s implementation of the 2010 financial regulations law.

  • Mutual Funds Oversight
    Last Aired

    Mutual Funds Oversight

    Witnesses testified on the health and stability of the mutual fund industry in the wake of the financial crisis, including how new financial regulations are affecting the market.

  • LongTerm US Economic Outlook
    Last Aired

    Long-Term U.S. Economic Outlook

    Former National Debt Commission Co-Chairs Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson talked about some of the commission’s recommendations to balance the federal budget and improve the long-term U.S.…

  • Mary Schapiro on LongTerm US Economic Outlook
    Last Aired

    Mary Schapiro on Long-Term U.S. Economic Outlook

    Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Mary Schapiro gave an update on implementing regulatory changes resulting from the Frank-Dodd Wall Street Reform Act. Among her remarks she…

  • Investment Company Institute Annual General Membership Meeting
    Last Aired

    Investment Company Institute Annual General Membership Meeting

    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner discussed current challenges for the U.S. and global economies. In his remarks he focused on state of the U.S. economy, the debate over the deficit, as…

  • Worker Retirement Security
    Last Aired

    Worker Retirement Security

    A hearing was held on the shortcomings of the nation’s retirement system and how worker could obtain retirement security. The hearing focused on weaknesses weaknesses in the 401(k)…

  • Financial Industry Regulation and Oversight
    Last Aired

    Financial Industry Regulation and Oversight

    Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Schapiro spoke about regulation of the financial industry. In her remarks she said she supported a systemic risk regulatory model similar to…

  • Users Perspectives to Oversight of Credit Rating Agencies
    Last Aired

    Users' Perspectives to Oversight of Credit Rating Agencies

    Panelists talked about credit ratings and the use of credit rating services by various corporations. Among the topics they addressed were the accuracy and quality of information provided by credit rating agencies, the…

  • Security of Retirement Accounts
    Last Aired

    Security of Retirement Accounts

    The House Education and Labor Committee held a series of hearings looking at the nation’s retirement system. Paul Schott Stevens, who was a witness at the first of these hearings, examined…

  • Modifications to the Retirement Saving System
    Last Aired

    Modifications to the Retirement Saving System

    Paul Schott Stevens talked about proposals to modify America’s retirement saving system in response to current market conditions, and new research on Americans' attitudes toward 401(k)s. Mr.…

  • Mutual Fund Industry Issues
    Last Aired

    Mutual Fund Industry Issues

    Mr. Stevens talked about various reforms within the mutual fund industry. Among the topics he addressed were providing greater levels of accountability, building trust between consumers and…