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  • Tax Policy and Social Goals
    Last Aired

    Tax Policy and Social Goals

    The panelists discussed personal tax incentives and national savings. Mr. Eisner began by describing the marginal propensity to save and how recent government programs affected people’s…

  • Government Sponsored Lending Institutions
    Last Aired

    Government Sponsored Lending Institutions

    The committee heard testimony on five financial institutions wholly or partially sponsored by the U.S. Government, including the Federal National Mortgage Association, Federal Home Loan Bank System, the Student Loan…

  • Economic Growth Package
    Last Aired

    Economic Growth Package

    The committee continued its examination of the health of the U.S. economy. Members heard testimony on a number of congressional proposals aimed at providing tax relief to middle-income…

  • Health Care Cost Containment Day 2 Part 1
    Last Aired

    Health Care Cost Containment: Day 2, Part 1

    The committee heard testimony on the high costs of health care to American businesses and individuals. Witnesses testified on the effects of the high costs, and on reform measures including H.R.…

  • The Budget Deal and Federal Policy
    Last Aired

    The Budget Deal and Federal Policy

    The panelists discussed the 1990 Federal Budget Agreement in light of the recession, the Persian Gulf War, and the Savings and Loan crisis. The federal deficit, taxation, revenues, social…

  • Federal Budget and the Economy
    Last Aired

    Federal Budget and the Economy

    Ms. Rivlin, Mr. Penner and Mr. Reischauer, all former directors of the Congressional Budget Office, discuss the effects of the federal budget on the American economy. Ms. Rivlin said the…

  • The 1990 Budget Agreement
    Last Aired

    The 1990 Budget Agreement

    Panelists in the forum sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute discussed the 1990 budget act and other issues in U.S. fiscal policy. Mr. Penner said the consequences of the 1990…

  • Condition of the Bank Insurance Fund
    Last Aired

    Condition of the Bank Insurance Fund

    Mr. Reischauer, the director of the Congressional Budget Office, testified on the financial status of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The FDIC insures depositors in banks…

  • Tax Burden on Working Families
    Last Aired

    Tax Burden on Working Families

    The committee heard testimony on the tax burden of families with two working parents in American society. The hearing was one of a series of hearings on issues associated with the federal…

  • Tax Reform Proposals
    Last Aired

    Tax Reform Proposals

    The Finance Committee convened to examine a number of middle income tax cut proposals. Committee members questioned Secretary Kemp on tax policy and economic development. He tried to steer clear of the controversy…

  • The Federal Budget Priorities or Process
    Last Aired

    The Federal Budget: Priorities or Process

    Sen. Wirth spent the first twenty minutes of this session explaining the annual conference for his constituents and how the Colorado citizens were selected to be brought to Washington, DC. The day of the seminar, the debate on the…

  • Fiscal Year 1992 Budget
    Last Aired

    Fiscal Year 1992 Budget

    Mr. Reischauer testified before the House Budget committee on the fiscal year 1992 U.S. Government Budget. In their report on the 1992 budget, the Congressional Budget Office admitted the…

  • Budget Act Review
    Last Aired

    Budget Act Review

    Members of the House Budget Committee’s Budget Process Reconciliation and Enforcement Task Force heard testimony on possible reforms of the Budget Enforcement Act. Of particular interest to the task…

  • The State of the Economy
    Last Aired

    The State of the Economy

    The committee began a series of hearings to assess the short and long term condition of the nation’s economy, to hear various ideas on how to address economic problems, and to help lay the…

  • Enforcing the 1991 Budget Agreement
    Last Aired

    Enforcing the 1991 Budget Agreement

    The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget organized a panel of speakers to discuss the budget-making process in Washington, focusing in particular upon the federal budget agreement…