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  • Global Climate Change
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    Global Climate Change

    This was the third of several Energy and Public Works hearings on global climate change legislation. Among the topics addressed were development of a clean energy economy, transportation,…

  • Future US Energy Needs
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    Future U.S. Energy Needs

    Former Vice President Al Gore spoke about innovation in energy production and consumption. In his remarks he said that the U.S. should discontinue use of carbon-based energy in 10 years, as well at the threat of global…

  • Weather Satellites
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    Weather Satellites

    Scientists and representatives of government entities testified about National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather satellites, focusing on ongoing problems and future plans.…

  • Hurricane Forecasting
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    Hurricane Forecasting

    The House Science Committee held a hearing on hurricane forecasting by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The Committee held the hearing to gain a better…

  • US Tsunami Warning System
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    U.S. Tsunami Warning System

    Witnesses testified about preventing casualties and deaths from tsunamis. Among the issues they addressed were proposals to improve tsunami detection at home and internationally, costs of…

  • Growth and Water Infrastructure in the 21st Century
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    Growth and Water Infrastructure in the 21st Century

    Participants examined whether drinking water and wastewater infrastructure could continue to protect the public health and water resources of existing communities, as well as accommodate…

  • Congressional Environmental Agenda
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    Congressional Environmental Agenda

    Lawmakers and environmental experts talked about some of the major environmental issues that will come before Congress during the upcoming year. The panelists talked about issues that would…

  • Environmental Issues
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    Environmental Issues

    On Roosevelt island, Speaker Gingrich and other members of an environmental task force briefed reporters on Republican environmental principles which were adopted earlier in the day by the House…

  • Superfund Reform
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    Superfund Reform

    Rep. Oxley spoke to local waste management officials from around the nation about reforms to the Superfund program. They emphasized that state and local government agencies should have more…

  • Environmental Laws
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    Environmental Laws

    The congressmen discussed current federal laws and Republican initiatives concerning the global environment. They answered questions from the audience.

  • Federal Shutdown Impact on National Parks
    Last Aired

    Federal Shutdown Impact on National Parks

    House Republicans briefed reporters on the government shutdown impact on national parks and historic sites. They criticized the president for vetoing the appropriations bill for these areas and…

  • Budget Environmental Impact
    Last Aired

    Budget Environmental Impact

    Participants talked about a new report on how the 104th Congress has dealt with environmental issues. It also evaluates how the Republican budget proposal impacts the broad variety of…

  • Sterling Forest Preservation
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    Sterling Forest Preservation

    House Republicans briefed reporters on a bill which they were filing to acquire the Sterling Forest wetland area in New Jersey as public. The U.S. will sell public lands in Oklahoma, a…

  • House Session
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    House Session

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  • Cabinet Status for EPA
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    Cabinet Status for EPA

    Vice President Gore and Ms. Browner discussed their desire to raise the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to cabinet status in the White House. President Clinton made campaign promises…

  • House Session
    Last Aired

    House Session

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  • House Session
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    House Session

    HR 5373: A bill to make appropriations for energy and water development for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1993. HR 4996: A bill to extend the authorities of the Overseas Private…

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  • Transportation Policy Landscape Impact
    Last Aired

    Transportation Policy Landscape Impact

    The subcommittee heard testimony on Federal transportation policies and their impact on state and local transportation systems and the environment. The hearing was the seventh in a series held by the…

  • House Session
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    House Session

    The House agreed to H.J. Res. 658 to support the president’s actions with respect to the Iraqi aggression against Kuwait and to demonstrate the United States' resolve. The House agreed to H.J. Res. 418…

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  • Global Warming
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    Global Warming

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