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  • Discussion on Vietnam War Protests
    Last Aired

    Vietnam War Protesters Tribute

    Anti-Vietnam War activists reunited to discuss the 50th anniversary of the movement and the importance of peace protests in the 21st century. Participants included Daniel Ellsberg, Judith…

  • News Conference on Confidential News Sources
    Last Aired

    Freedom of the Press

    James Risen and other journalism advocates spoke at a press conference on freedom of the press and Obama administration efforts to compel New York Times reporter James Risen to disclose a…

  • Phil Donahue on US Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan
    Last Aired

    Phil Donahue on U.S. Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan

    Phil Donahue talked about his documentary, Body of War, and answered viewer calls and electronic communications. The film focuses on Tomas Young, an Iraq War veteran who was paralyzed from…

  • QA with Phil Donahue
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Phil Donahue

    Former talk show host Phil Donahue talked about his documentary Body of War as many video clips were shown. Mr. Donahue was the co-director and executive producer of the documentary about a…

  • Effect of War on Soldiers
    Last Aired

    Effect of War on Soldiers

    Phil Donahue talked with students from around the nation participating in the Close Up Foundation’s week-long government studies program. He discussed the effects of the war on returning…

  • Corporate Media and the Press
    Last Aired

    Corporate Media and the Press

    Moderated by Phil Donahue, the panelists talked about corporate media in relation to the correctness and evenhandedness of the news. Topics included media monopolies, building independent nonprofit…

  • 25 Years of Viewer CallIns
    Last Aired

    25 Years of Viewer Call-Ins

    The first part of the 25th anniversary of viewer calls focused on the years 1980-1981 and examined how viewer calls had changed political discussion in the U.S. Guests talked about the…

  • Terrorism and Dissent
    Last Aired

    Terrorism and Dissent

    At the seventh annual George Goodman Symposium and as part of the Provost’s Lecture Series, Mr. Ratner and Mr. Donahue spoke about the efforts to combat terrorism and the right of dissent.…

  • em911em
    Last Aired


    Professor Chomsky discussed his book 9-11, published by Seven Stories Press. In the book, he examines the events of September 11, the historical precedents for it, and the long-term implications of the…

  • Civil Liberties After September 11
    Last Aired

    Civil Liberties After September 11

    Mr. Donahue moderated a panel discussion about the state of civil liberties in America following September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Among the topics they addressed were governmental…

  • Nader Campaign Rally
    Last Aired

    Nader Campaign Rally

    In the final major campaign rally of his presidential campaign, Mr. Nader issued a populist call for a sweeping “shift of power” from big business to the downtrodden and disenfranchised,…

  • Nader Presidential Campaign
    Last Aired

    Nader Presidential Campaign

    Mr. Donahue talked about his candidate support for Ralf Nader and explained the issues he stands for. Students also from Leachbird College in Virginia also participated within the studio…

  • Behind the Scenes at Nader Event
    Last Aired

    Behind the Scenes at Nader Event

    Behind-the-scenes video clips were shown of Mr. Nader’s preparations for a Boston rally at Fleet Center. Several minutes of his rally speech, a brief interview with Phil Donahue, and local…

  • Nader Campaign Rally
    Last Aired

    Nader Campaign Rally

    Mr. Nader spoke to his supporters about his presidential campaign, emphasizing the need to rid politics of corporate interests, the value of participation in the electoral process, and the Green Party…

  • Bella Abzug Funeral
    Last Aired

    Bella Abzug Funeral

    Friends and colleagues gathered to pay their respects to Bella Abzug at Riverside Memorial Chapel. They paid tribute to her support for women’s rights and equality and her commitment to…

  • Phil Donahue Interview
    Last Aired

    Phil Donahue Interview

    Mr. Donahue talked about his career in television and the future of talk shows with formats similar to his. He talked about the changes he has seen in television broadcasting and how these…

  • Donahue Debate Taping
    Last Aired

    Donahue Debate Taping

    Mr. Donahue arranged a roundtable discussion between Democratic presidential candidates Governor Bill Clinton and former Governor Jerry Brown. The taping was for Mr. Donahue’s syndicated…

  • Joint Television Venture in the Soviet Union
    Last Aired

    Joint Television Venture in the Soviet Union

    Mr. Donahue and Mr. Pozner spoke about a new joint television venture scheduled to be launched on Soviet TV. Mr. Pozner spoke about the failed coup by Communist hard-liners and collapse of…

  • Whos a Journalist Talk Show Sensationalism
    Last Aired

    Who's a Journalist? Talk Show Sensationalism

    In this often boisterous session, journalists and talk show hosts debated the definition of “journalist” and the merits of alternative television news formats.

  • Interview with Phil Donahue
    Last Aired

    Interview with Phil Donahue

    Phil Donahue talked about television talk shows and their place in the journalism field.

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