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  • US Senate Democrats Continue to Hold Floor as DeVos Vote Looms
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    Senate Session, Part 1

    The Senate debated and spoke about through the night Betsy DeVos' nomination to be for secretary of education in the Trump administration. During the vote on her confirmation, President…

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  • College Savings Plans
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    College Savings Plans

    Witnesses testified before the committee on “529” savings plans. These plans are “state sponsored investments that are designed to encourage families to save money for their children’s college…

  • Democratic Radio Address
    Last Aired

    Democratic Radio Address

    In the weekly Democratic radio address Senator Carper talked about federal education policy.

  • Education Issues
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    Education Issues

    Democratic Senators talked to reporters about the negotiations in the Senate regarding the education legislation. They focused on the need to spend more money on education reform and to…

  • New Democratic Agenda
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    New Democratic Agenda

    Moderate congressional Democrats announced an education plan that would not include school vouchers. The Bayh-Lieberman legislation would include increased accountability and would…

  • New Democrats and Education in America
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    New Democrats and Education in America

    Democratic leaders spoke about the importance of education policy and various means of improving education. Among the issues they addressed were the influence of competition on education,…

  • Structural Changes in the New Economy
    Last Aired

    Structural Changes in the New Economy

    Mr. Greenspan spoke about the impact of information technology on the economy and about the importance of education. Following his remarks Governors spoke about economic development and…

  • National Education Summit Plenary Session
    Last Aired

    National Education Summit Plenary Session

    Participants discussed recommendations for school reform in the nation’s schools. They focused on the need of alternative certification for teachers, greater technology training for…

  • Education in the Digital Age
    Last Aired

    Education in the Digital Age

    Governors met to discuss how technology is used to improve student achievement. They heard from educators and students on the potential of technology in education. They also viewed videos…

  • Expanding Learning Opportunities
    Last Aired

    Expanding Learning Opportunities

    After viewing a video promoting after school programs, students spoke to governors about their experiences in after school programs. They talked about how the programs had expanded their…

  • Executive Committee
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    Executive Committee

    Senator Nickles spoke to state Governors about education legislation and policy. He declared that federal government should not have the primary responsibility for education reform,…

  • Technology and the Classroom
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    Technology and the Classroom

    State Governors and educators talked about technology and education. Students from local schools demonstrated technology used in their classrooms and panel members discussed the future of…

  • National Governors Association
    Last Aired

    National Governors' Association

    Speaking from St. Louis, Governor Carper talked about the focus of the National Governors' Association meeting, “Raising Student Achievement.” He explained that this could be accomplished…

  • Presidential Speech
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    Presidential Speech

    President Clinton and Vice President gore spoke to governors, asking for their support for their education plan. The president’s plan would tie federal funding to regulations which would…

  • Public School Issues
    Last Aired

    Public School Issues

    Educators and governors discussed ways to improve public school education. Among the topics discussed were ways to increase student achievement, integrating information technology in the…

  • Education Initiative
    Last Aired

    Education Initiative

    President Clinton addressed the meeting of the National Governors Association. The president talked about federal and state education initiatives and how the federal government and states…

  • Education Initiatives
    Last Aired

    Education Initiatives

    After meeting with the president, vice president and others, several governors talked briefly with reporters. They talked about their opinions on the president’s national education…

  • Plenary Session
    Last Aired

    Plenary Session

    The National Governors' Association concluded their annual conference by hearing from Mr. Alexander and Mr. Gates. Mr. Alexander talked about education and posed the question of how the…

  • House Session
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    House Session

    HR 4323: A bill to improve education for all students by restructuring the education system in the states. HR 5830: A bill to expedite construction of highway projects which provide…

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  • House Session
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    House Session

    The House passed S. 695 to promote excellence in American education by a voice vote, after substituting the language of H.R. 5115 as previously passed by the House. The House adopted H.Res.…

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