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  • Political Transition and New Constitution
    Last Aired

    Political Transition and New Constitution

    Panelists talked about the political process, forming governments, and drafting new national constitutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya following political uprisings that occurred in the “Arab…

  • The Muslim Brotherhood
    Last Aired

    The Muslim Brotherhood

    Witnesses testified about unrest in the Arab world and the role of groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Witnesses included an Egyptian born Islamic scholar who was granted political…

  • Israel and Gaza Flotilla
    Last Aired

    Israel and Gaza Flotilla

    Scholars talked about Israel’s raid on a Turkish aid flotilla to Gaza and its impact on the Middle East peace process. Among the topics they addressed were the impact of the Israeli blockade on…

  • Possibility of Civil War in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Possibility of Civil War in Iraq

    Panelists talked about the future of Iraq, political struggles between different factions, and U.S. policy in the country. Mr. Kagan moderated the panel which responded to comments and…

  • Palestinian Elections
    Last Aired

    Palestinian Elections

    A panel of Middle East experts, recently returned from Palestine, discussed the implications of the Hamas victory in Palestinian parliamentary elections, the likely impact on the Middle…

  • Iraqi Constitution
    Last Aired

    Iraqi Constitution

    Mr. Brown talked about the October 15 popular referendum on the Iraqi Constitution. He discussed the impact of the Constitution on the role of Islamic and family laws. The guest also spoke…

  • Political Reform in Arab Countries
    Last Aired

    Political Reform in Arab Countries

    Middle East scholars discussed political change in the Arab world. Topics included Bush administration foreign policy, democratization, human rights, monarchies, the fall of Saddam Hussein,…