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  • Money Laundering and Technology Sales to Iraq
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    Money Laundering and Technology Sales to Iraq

    The committee heard testimony on a bank in Georgia which lent billions of dollars to Iraq, which then bought military technology with the money. Ten defendants, including three former employees of the bank were charged…

  • The Gulf War An Interim Military Assessment
    Last Aired

    The Gulf War: An Interim Military Assessment

    On day sixteen of the Persian Gulf crisis, the Institute assessed the progress of the strike on Iraq. The panelists provided an analytical framework within which to assess the coalition’s…

  • The Bush Arms Control Initiative
    Last Aired

    The Bush Arms Control Initiative

    The Washington Institute for Near East Policy sponsored a forum entitled, “The Bush Arms Control Initiative: A Political-Military Assessment,” which examined the Middle East arms control…

  • Whither American Diplomacy
    Last Aired

    Whither American Diplomacy?

    The panelists discussed the recent trip of Secretary Baker to negotiate for a new, more peaceful order in the Middle East. They addressed the post-war agenda of the Bush administration. Mr. Feuerwerger…