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  • Student Athletes and Concussions
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    Student Athletes and Concussions

    The House Education and Labor Committee held a hearing on pending legislation to reduce and more safely manage concussions in student athletes. Witnesses testified that student concussions…

  • Teacher Quality
    Last Aired

    Teacher Quality

    Witnesses testified about teacher training programs and evaluation systems. Among the topics they addressed were means of measuring student success, state programs to improve teacher…

  • No Child Left Behind Act Reauthorization Part 1
    Last Aired

    No Child Left Behind Act Reauthorization, Part 1

    Education Secretary Arne Duncan testified about the Obama administration’s blueprint for overhauling the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, currently known as No Child Left Behind.…

  • Seclusion and Restraint of Mentally Disabled Students
    Last Aired

    Seclusion and Restraint of Mentally Disabled Students

    The committee met to investigate the dangers of seclusion and restraint on mentally disabled students. Mr. Greg Kutz of the Government Accountability Office detailed student abuses and displayed…

  • Environmental Education
    Last Aired

    Environmental Education

    A field hearing, titled “Environmental Education: Educating our Children, Preserving our Future,” was held at the National Wildlife Visitor Center of the Patuxent Wildlife Research Refuge in…

  • Availability of Student Loans
    Last Aired

    Availability of Student Loans

    A hearing was held on the plans of the Department of Education to ensure the continued availability of funds for student loans. Topics included the availability of federal and private…

  • Education Department Oversight
    Last Aired

    Education Department Oversight

    Secretary Spellings testified about the Department of Education’s Reading First and the management of student loan programs. The administration and management of several college student loan programs…

  • Reading First Program Oversight Part 1
    Last Aired

    Reading First Program Oversight, Part 1

    The House Education and Labor Committee held an investigative hearing into alleged mismanagement of the Reading First program and conflicts of interest with authors and publishers. Topics…

  • English As a Second Language
    Last Aired

    English As a Second Language

    Witnesses testified about the impact of the No Child Left Behind Act on students with a limited proficiency in English. Topics included adequate school resources, teacher training,…

  • 110th Congress Education Agenda
    Last Aired

    110th Congress Education Agenda

    A panel of Congressional members presented their educational priorities for the 110th Congress to school board members at the National School Boards Association’s 34th annual Federal…

  • College Financing and Student Aid Programs
    Last Aired

    College Financing and Student Aid Programs

    House Subcommittee on 21st Century Competitiveness held a hearing on “Paying for College: Innovative Private-Sector Proposals to Complement Record Federal Investment in Student Aid.” Topics…

  • The Achievement Gap in US Schools
    Last Aired

    The Achievement Gap in U.S. Schools

    A hearing with two panels of witnesses was held, titled “Closing the Achievement Gap in America’s Schools: the No Child Left Behind Act.” During the first panel Education Secretary…

  • Federal Child Nutrition Programs
    Last Aired

    Federal Child Nutrition Programs

    Witnesses testified regarding child nutrition programs, focusing on improving the quality of food and the efficiency of food distribution to schools and federal programs. The first panel,…

  • Education Policy
    Last Aired

    Education Policy

    Members met to resolve differences in versions of education legislation. Among the issues addressed were accountability standards, teacher training and education, and school funding.

  • Education Reform
    Last Aired

    Education Reform

    Congressional Democrats talked with reporters about education legislation proposed by President Bush. They answered media questions.

  • School Violence
    Last Aired

    School Violence

    Following school shootings in Colorado and several copycat attempts at other schools, witnesses testified about ways to curb youth violence. The first panel of students talked about ways to…

  • Federal Role in Education
    Last Aired

    Federal Role in Education

    Committee mebers heard testimony on the federal role in administering education programs. Some Republicans have proposed eliminating the Department of Education and returning more…

  • Education Department Budget
    Last Aired

    Education Department Budget

    The committee heard testimony from Secretary of Education Richard Riley on the Department of Education’s budget proposals for fiscal year 1994. He also discussed aspects of the Clinton…

  • House Session
    Last Aired

    House Session

    HR 4323: A bill to improve education for all students by restructuring the education system in the states. HR 5830: A bill to expedite construction of highway projects which provide…

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  • Proposal to Increase Head Start Funding
    Last Aired

    Proposal to Increase Head Start Funding

    Rep. Kildee discussed President Bush’s proposal today to increase funding for Head Start by $600 million during FY 93. Rep. Kildee is chairman of the Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational…

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