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  • Discussion on College Admissions for Minority Students
    Last Aired

    Minority Students and College

    Panelists talked about the amount of debt that minority students accrue in order to finance their college educations. Sara Goldrik-Rab, who co-authored a paper titled “The Color of Student Debt,” in…

  • College Ratings Systems and Minority Students
    Last Aired

    College Ratings Systems and Minority Students

    Panelists presented their studies on issues affecting African-American and Hispanic students and the overall effectiveness of college ratings. This program was part of a UCLA’s Civil Rights…

  • Student Financial Aid Innovations in Lending Borrowing Repayment
    Last Aired

    Student Financial Aid, Part 4

    Panelists examined the idea of income-based student loan repayment plans. Issues included default rates and the potential positive and negative impacts of holding universities accountable for student outcomes. Nicholas…

  • Student Financial Aid Grant Aid
    Last Aired

    Student Financial Aid, Part 3

    Panelists talked about the re-examining the current system of student financial aid, focusing on grants. Sara Goldrick-Rab presented her paper, “Making College Affordable: Rethinking Voucher-Driven Approaches to Federal Student Aid,”…

  • Student Financial Aid Lessons from the Past 50 Years
    Last Aired

    Student Financial Aid, Part 1

    Panelists talked about the history and development of student financial aid policies over the preceding 50 years and what improvements were needed to better benefit students and families. Daniel Madzelan presented his paper, “The…