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  • Armed Services Chiefs Testify on Defense Budget Challenges
    Last Aired

    Defense Budget

    Leaders of the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force testified at a hearing on budgetary concerns for the Pentagon and member branches of the U.S. military. Topics included the possible impact…

  • Newsmakers with Admiral John Richardson
    Last Aired

    Newsmakers with Admiral John Richardson

    Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson talked about defense policy and budget issues and his own vision for the Navy, the Navy’s role in the South China Sea, its response to incidents like the…

  • Admiral John Richardson on Naval Operations
    Last Aired

    Naval Operations

    Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson spoke about issues and challenges facing the Navy and unveiled his strategic guidance to the fleet. He focused on maritime and global…

  • Admiral John Richardson Briefs Reporters on Farsi Island Investigation
    Last Aired

    Admiral John Richardson on Farsi Island Investigation

    Admiral John Richardson briefed reporters reporters on the results of the investigation into the January 2016 incident in which Iranian forces detained ten American sailors after their…

  • Center for Strategic and International Studies Hosts Discussion on Maritime Security
    Last Aired

    Maritime Security

    Admiral John Richardson, chief of naval operations, talked about climate change, naval readiness and maritime security. Following his remarks, he took questions from the audience on…