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  • House Oversight Panel Examines Back Door Spending By Federal Agencies
    Last Aired

    House Oversight Subcmte Hearing on "Back Door" Spending By Federal Agencies

    Lawmakers on a House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee heard testimony on “back door” spending by federal agencies. Representatives from the Government Accountability Office talked about…

  • House Republican Agenda and Conservatism
    Last Aired

    House Republican Agenda and Conservatism

    The American Enterprise Institute hosted a discussion on the legislative priorities of the Republican Study Committee with current chair Representative Mark Walker (R-NC) and incoming chair…

  • US House Meets for Legislative Business
    Last Aired

    House Session

    The House considered a bill removing the gray wolf from the endangered species list.

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  • House Oversight Committee Focuses on Sexual Assaults in US Forest Service
    Last Aired

    Sexual Assault in U.S. Forest Service

    The House Oversight Committee conducted a hearing to examine the U.S. Forest Service’s response to allegations of misconduct, sexual assault, discrimination and retaliation.

  • TSA Administrator Pekoske Testifies on Employee Misconduct
    Last Aired

    TSA Employee Misconduct

    Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administrator David Pekoske testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on allegations of TSA employee misconduct. The…

  • US House Meets for Legislative Business
    Last Aired

    House Session

    The House approved a bill to make some of the individual tax cuts passed in December 2018 permanent. It was the last bill in a series of three Republican tax policy bills being called “Tax Reform…

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  • US House Meets for Legislative Business
    Last Aired

    House Session, Part 2

    The House debated and passed a non-binding resolution saying that the House of Representatives does not approve of illegal immigrants voting in U.S. elections. Lawmakers also completed work…

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  • Federal and State Officials Testify on Election Security Preparedness
    Last Aired

    Election Cybersecurity

    The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a hearing with federal and state officials about ongoing efforts to secure U.S. election systems. Homeland Security Under Secretary for the…

  • US House Meets for Legislative Business
    Last Aired

    House Session

    The House continued work on H.R. 6147, a fiscal year 2019 bill to fund the Department of the Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the IRS among other agencies. Members also…

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  • US House Meets for Legislative Business
    Last Aired

    House Session, Part 2

    The House passed 24 suspension bills, including naming some post offices around the country and legislation requiring federal agencies to preserve certain electronic messages.

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  • FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok Testifies on 2016 Investigations
    Last Aired

    FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok on 2016 Investigations

    FBI Agent Peter Strzok, who was removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian involvement in the 2016 U.S. elections, testified before a joint hearing of two House…

  • DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz Testifies on Clinton Email Probe Report
    Last Aired

    House Hearing on Inspector General Report on Clinton Email Probe

    Justice Department’s inspector general Michael Horowitz testified at a hearing on the watchdog’s investigation of how the FBI and Justice Department handled its investigation in 2016 of former…

  • Democrats Beat Republicans 215 in Congressional Baseball Game
    Last Aired

    2018 Congressional Baseball Game

    C-SPAN presented live coverage from the annual congressional baseball game between Republicans and Democrats. Radio commentary courtesy of Federal News Radio. The Democrats won the game,…

  • Hearing Reviews 10YearOld Troubled Asset Relief Program TARP
    Last Aired

    States' Waste, Fraud and Abuse of TARP Funds

    Two House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittees held a joint hearing to consider the 10-year old Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and it subsequent offshoot program, the Hardest Hit…

  • Beth Plemmons Testifies on US Capitol Visitor Center Operations
    Last Aired

    U.S. Capitol Visitor Center Operations

    Beth Plemmons, CEO of visitor services at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, testified at a House Administration Committee hearing on operations of the Center as it neared its tenth anniversary.…

  • Washington Journal Representative Mark Walker RNC Discusses Conservative Priorities
    Last Aired

    Representative Mark Walker on Conservative Priorities

    Representative Mark Walker (R-NC), chair of the House Republican Study Committee, talked about conservative priorities.

  • House Debates Balanced Budget Amendment
    Last Aired

    House Session, Part 1

    The House debated a constitutional amendment that would require the federal government to operate under a balanced budget each year.

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  • House Holds Pro Forma Session
    Last Aired

    House Pro Forma Session

    The House met for a pro forma session.

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  • House Rules Committee Holds Hearing on Earmarks
    Last Aired

    Congressional Earmarks

    A House Rules subcommittee held a hearing on the legislative provisions called earmarks that direct specific government spending toward a congressional member’s district or state. The…

  • House Panel Holds Hearing on Sexual Harassment in Congress
    Last Aired

    Congress and Sexual Harassment

    The House Administration Committee held a hearing on the processes and resources for congressional staff to report and recover from incidents of sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill. Witnesses…

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