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    Union Gen. George Sears Greene at Gettysburg

    During the Battle of Gettysburg’s second day, Union commander George Meade called for reinforcements to beat back an assault his left flank, leaving only a single brigade to defend his right flank on Culp’s Hill.…

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    Fort Sumter and First Shots of the Civil War

    Located in Charleston harbor, Fort Sumter was still held by Union forces in April 1861, despite South Carolina’s secession in 1860. National Park Service historian Mark Maloy described the events of April 12,…

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    Elmira Union Prisoner of War Camp

    Elmira, a Union prisoner of war camp located in New York, opened in July 1864 after many other Union prisons were at capacity. Almost 3,000 Confederate POWs died at the camp from disease, exposure to the elements or malnutrition…

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    1862 Confederate Raid on Chambersburg

    In October 1862, Confederate cavalry under General J.E.B. Stuart pressed into Maryland and Pennsylvania--including the town of Chambersburg--to raid for horses and other supplies. “Emerging Civil War” blog…

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    Disease, Death and Civil War Medicine

    Historic site manager Paige Gibbons Backus discussed the state of medical knowledge at the beginning of the Civil War, including surgical practices and diseases common among the soldiers. She also described advances…

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    1862 Loudoun Valley Campaign

    About a month after the Battle of Antietam, Union forces under General George McClellan crossed the Potomac River in pursuit of General Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia. Author Kevin Pawlak talked about…

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    1863 Battle of Mine Run

    Chris Mackowski discussed the Battle of Mine Run, a small engagement in December 1863 between Union forces against better positioned Confederates near Fredericksburg, Virginia. Mr.…

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    1861 Battle of Philippi

    Jon-Erik Gilot examined the Battle of Philippi, fought in West Virginia in June 1861. He argued that although the action was brief, it was significant because it was the first organized land engagement of the war…

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    Civil War Turning Points Overview

    Historian and National Park Service ranger Robert Dunkerly listed his top 10 turning points of the Civil War. This talk was part of a symposium on hosted by the “Emerging Civil War” blog.

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    Civil War Turning Points Panel

    A panel of historians explored the people and battles considered pivotal to the outcome of the Civil War. They also talked about other aspects of the conflict that benefited society as a whole, such as…

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    General Robert E. Lee's North Anna River Defense

    Chris Mackowski, author of Strike Them a Blow: Battle Along the North Anna River, talked about General Robert E. Lee’s North Anna River defense. This talk was a part of a symposium on the “Great…

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    Battle of Chickamauga and Horseshoe Ridge Defense

    David Powell, author of The Chickamauga Campaign - Glory or the Grave: The Breakthrough, the Union Collapse, and the Defense of Horseshoe Ridge, September 20, 1863, talked about Battle of Chickamauga…

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    Union General John Buford's Gettysburg Defense

    Eric Wittenberg, author of The Devil’s to Pay: John Buford at Gettysburg - A History and Walking Tour, talked about Union General John Buford’s Gettysburg defense. This talk was a part of a symposium…

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    Geneneral Stonewall Jackson's Stand at Second Manassas

    Dan Welch, co-author of The Last Road North: A Guide to the Gettysburg Campaign, 1863, talked about General Stonewall Jackson’s stand at the Battle of Second Manassas. This talk was a part of a…

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    Civil War Defenses Roundtable

    Historians explored the idea of “Civil War defenses” from a variety of angles. They talked about military defenses, generals who defended their reputations, and the inability of soldiers to defend…

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    Union General Lew Wallace's Monocacy Defense

    Ryan Quint, author of Determined to Stand and Fight: The Battle of Monocacy, July 9, 1864, talked about Union General Lew Wallace’s Monocacy defense. This talk was a part of a symposium on the…

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    Battle of South Mountain

    Brian Matthew Jordan talked about the September 1862 Battle of South Mountain, fought during Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s first invasion of the North and in the lead-up to the Battle of Antietam. He described General…

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    Army of The Cumberland's Defense at Stones River

    Chris Kolakowski, author of The Stones River and Tullahoma Campaigns: This Army Does Not Retreat, talked about the Army of the Cumberland’s defensive strategy during the battle of Stones River. This…

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    U.S. Colored Troops as Prisoner Guards

    Kelly Mezurek talked about the Union’s decision to assign U.S. Colored Troops to guard Confederate prisoners. She described the impact on Southern morale, particularly when Confederates were under African American…

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    General Robert E. Lee's Antietam Defense

    Kevin Pawlak, author of Shepherdstown in the Civil War: One Vast Confederate Hospital, talked about General Robert E. Lee’s defensive strategy during the Battle of Antietam. This talk was a part of a…

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