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  • Comity and Contention in Congress
    Last Aired

    Comity and Contention in Congress

    Former Republican and Democratic members of Congress talked about how personal relationships on Capitol Hill have changed in the past fifty years, and how important those relationships are…

  • Republican Leadership Conference Day Three
    Last Aired

    Republican Leadership Conference, Day Three

    Several presidential candidates spoke to Republican supporters about their agenda and conservative principles. Event organizers escorted comedian Reggie Brown from the stage after he made…

  • New Continuing Resolution
    Last Aired

    New Continuing Resolution

    After a caucus meeting, Republican leaders talked about the latest continuing resolution, which would extend government operations until January 26th. It will also fund some programs,…

  • Congressional Ethics Enforcement
    Last Aired

    Congressional Ethics Enforcement

    Panelists talked about efforts of the 110th Congress to reform ethics and enforce new regulations on lobbying, the appropriations process, and gifts to members. Topics included proposed…

  • Rep Livingston Resignation
    Last Aired

    Rep. Livingston Resignation

    In an excerpt, Rep. Livingston surprised House colleagues by announcing that he would withdraw his name from nomination for Speaker of the House and would also resign his House seat in a…

  • Tom Delay Tribute Dinner
    Last Aired

    Tom Delay Tribute Dinner

    The American Conservative Union hosted a dinner in tribute to House Majority Leader Tom Delay, honoring his years of service in the House of Representatives and work on behalf of conservative causes. In his…

  • Congressional Transitions to Private Life
    Last Aired

    Congressional Transitions to Private Life

    Former Representative Livingston talked about ethical considerations when moving from service in Congress to private practice as a lobbyist. He also responded to viewer comments and…

  • My Point of View
    Last Aired

    My Point of View

    Rep. Livingston talked about his experiences that led to a career as a lawyer and later a congressman. He commented on his resignation from Congress and the impeachment of President…

  • House Session
    Last Aired

    House Session

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  • Tribute to Rep Solomon
    Last Aired

    Tribute to Rep. Solomon

    Members of the House honored retiring Representative Solomon.

  • House Session
    Last Aired

    House Session

    The House continued debate on four articles of impeachment against President Clinton for perjury, obstruction of justice and abuse of power. Early in the debate Representative Livingston,…

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  • Impeachment Inquiry
    Last Aired

    Impeachment Inquiry

    Representative Livingston talked to reporters about the schedule for impeachment debate in the House. He defended the Republican leadership’s decision to go forward with debate while the…

  • House Session
    Last Aired

    House Session

    After debating policy towards Iraq, the House debated four articles of impeachment brought by the Judiciary Committee against President Clinton for perjury, obstruction of justice and abuse…

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  • Impeachment Schedule Debate
    Last Aired

    Impeachment Schedule Debate

    In an excerpt, leaders discussed the rules of the forthcoming impeachment debates. Representative Gephardt strenuously objected to the proceedings occurring at all, arguing with military…

  • US Action in Iraq
    Last Aired

    U.S. Action in Iraq

    In an excerpt members discussed their opinions on the military strikes launched on Iraq after they had failed to comply with United Nations weapons inspections. Members overwhelmingly…

  • House Session
    Last Aired

    House Session

    The House continued to debate four articles of impeachment against President Clinton for perjury, obstruction of justice, and abuse of power.

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  • House Republican News Conference
    Last Aired

    House Republican News Conference

    Rep. Livingston talked about the U.S. military action against Iraq and the impeachment of the president. After his prepared remarks he responded to questions from reporters.

  • Republican Leaders and Governors
    Last Aired

    Republican Leaders and Governors

    Republican Congressional leaders met with several Republican governors. Senator Lott and Rep. Livingston welcomed the governors. Governor Keating mentioned the issues that are important to…

  • Republican Leaders Photo Opportunity
    Last Aired

    Republican Leaders Photo Opportunity

    After reporters took photos of the Rep. Livingston and Senator Lott, Rep. Livingston and Senator Lott spoke with reporters about the House Impeachment Inquiry as well as other issues. They…

  • Middle East Issues
    Last Aired

    Middle East Issues

    During a meeting between Chairman Arafat, Rep. Livingston, and Rep. Gephardt, reporters were allowed to ask questions.

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