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  • Russian Influence Efforts
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    Russian Influence Efforts

    Three former CIA officials talked about Russian influence efforts around the globe, how they compare to Soviet-era Cold War behavior, and what the U.S. could and should do in response.

  • Russian Influence in Democratic Elections
    Last Aired

    Russian Influence in Democratic Elections

    Intelligence and foreign policy experts talked about Russian efforts to influence democratic processes in the United States. The panelists focused on Russian-backed efforts, such as buying…

  • Panelists Discuss Russia Sanctions Legislation
    Last Aired

    Russia Sanctions

    Former officials from the George W. Bush and Obama administrations talked about the impact and implications of the new Russia sanctions bill signed into law by President Trump in early…

  • Russian Journalists Discuss the Medias Relationship with Government
    Last Aired

    Russian State and the Media

    Two Russian journalists talked about the relationship between the Russian government and the Russian media. The two also commented on media censorship, the impact of social media, and the…

  • Discussion Focuses on Campaign 2016 and Russia
    Last Aired

    Campaign 2016 and Russia

    Foreign policy analysts debated whether the next president should engage with Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin. They discussed issues such as Syria, Ukraine, human rights in Russia and U.S.…

  • Russian Intervention in Ukraine
    Last Aired

    Russian Intervention in Ukraine

    Nikolas K. Gvosdev, Andranik Migranyan, and others talked about Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, and its policy options and goals as the conflict in Eastern Ukraine continued. Topics included…

  • Ambassador Sochi and Beyond
    Last Aired

    Russia and Sochi Winter Olympics

    Ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, panelists talked about the U.S-Russia relationship. Topics included some of the security threats at the Winter games and the…

  • USRussia Interaction in Former Soviet States
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Russia Interaction in Former Soviet States

    Former Russia specialists who served in the State Department and the National Security Council under the George W. Bush administration discussed relations between the U.S. and Russia, and…

  • Russias Presidential Elections
    Last Aired

    Russia's Presidential Elections

    Panelists talked about the Russian presidential elections, and its implications for U.S.-Russian relations. Acting President and former KGB officer Vladimir Putin won the election with 52…

  • Future of Russia
    Last Aired

    Future of Russia

    Participants discussed the future of Russia after the resignation of President Boris Yelstin. They focused on the record of acting President Vladimir Putin in regards to domestic and…