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  • Barbara Bush Scrapbooks
    Last Aired

    Barbara Bush Scrapbooks

    Former first lady Barbara Bush kept scrapbooks of every year of the Bush’s life together. Warren Finch, Director of the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum showed items from one of…

  • George HW Bush Memorial Exhibit
    Last Aired

    George H.W. Bush Memorial Exhibit

    After the passing of President George H.W. Bush in 2018, his Presidential Library and Museum opened an exhibit honoring the 41st president displaying items from his memorial services.…

  • First Ladies Barbara Bush
    Last Aired

    First Lady Barbara Bush

    Myra Gutin and Jeffrey Engel talked about the life and influence of first lady Barbara Bush and responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Topics included her behind-the-scenes…

  • Washington Journal Warren Finch on Death of George HW Bush
    Last Aired

    Warren Finch on the Death of George H.W. Bush

    George H.W. Bush Presidential Library Director Warren Finch discussed the death of former President George H.W. Bush on Friday, November 30 at age 94.

  • Richard Aldous Discusses Arthur Schlesinger Biography
    Last Aired


    Professor Richard Aldous talked about his book Schlesinger, in which he recounts the life of Arthur Schlesinger, historian and special assistant to President John F. Kennedy. Mr. Aldous spoke with…

  • Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield
    Last Aired

    Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield

    Stephen D. Wiehe recounted his participation in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He is the author of G-Day: Rendezvous with Eagles. In his book, from the perspective of a forward observer in…

  • Discussion on Presidential Libraries of Texas
    Last Aired

    Presidential Libraries of Texas

    Staff members from the three presidential libraries based in Texas talked about their collections documenting the White House years of Lyndon B. Johnson, George Bush, and George W. Bush.

  • Life Portrait of George HW Bush
    Last Aired

    Life Portrait of George H.W. Bush

    In the fortieth in a series on American presidents, scholars discussed the life and career of George Bush. Among the issues they addressed were his naval service, his early political…

  • Behind the Scenes in the East Wing Social Secretaries to First Ladies
    Last Aired

    Behind the Scenes in the East Wing: Social Secretaries to First Ladies

    Social secretaries working for American first ladies help set the tone of presidential administrations. Bess Abell, Catherine Fenton and Laurie Firestone served first ladies from Lady Bird…

  • Reflections of First Ladies Barbara Bush and Laura Bush
    Last Aired

    Reflections of First Ladies Barbara Bush and Laura Bush

    First ladies Barbara and Laura Bush talked about their unique family and historical relationships, the stereotypes perpetuated about the president’s spouse, how they handled political criticism, their experiences as…

  • The Legacy and Influence of First Ladies
    Last Aired

    The Legacy and Influence of First Ladies

    The evolving influence and political power of first ladies was discussed by the director of the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers, the curator of the Smithsonian’s first ladies' exhibit, and the eldest…

  • Presidential Libraries Symposium
    Last Aired

    Presidential Libraries Symposium

    Representatives of public and private presidential libraries and museums gathered for a congressional symposium on their mission and future. Among the topics discussed were funding, current…

  • Presidential Library Collections
    Last Aired

    Presidential Library Collections

    Mr. Weinstein moderated a town hall meeting of the directors of the presidential libraries on educational and outreach programs at the libraries, as well as public education programs and…

  • George HW Bush Presidential Library
    Last Aired

    George Bush Presidential Library

    The eleventh in a series on presidential libraries focused on George H.W. Bush’s life and career using rarely-seen materials housed at the library. Guests talked about the significance of Bush’s…