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  • Women Working Construction
    Last Aired

    Women Working Construction

    Ms. Eisenberg talked about her new book, We’ll Call You if We Need You: Experiences of Women Working Construction. The book is based on the experiences of thirty women in various aspects of the…

  • Worker Investment Act
    Last Aired

    Worker Investment Act

    President Clinton and other politicans spoke on the signing of the Workforce Investment Act. The act provides better access to job training programs for the unemployed and the underskilled.…

  • Patient Bill of Rights
    Last Aired

    Patient Bill of Rights

    Prior to his remarks on the Patient Bill of Rights, President Clinton decried the nuclear test by Pakistan this morning. The president insisted that the United States would impose economic…

  • Gender Pay Equity
    Last Aired

    Gender Pay Equity

    Vice President Gore, Secretary Herman and others gathered to highlight continuing gender pay inequities. They stressed the impact of this problem on working women and their families and called…

  • Ron Brown Leadership Award
    Last Aired

    Ron Brown Leadership Award

    President Clinton presented the Ron Brown Corporate Leadership Award to executives from Levi Strauss and IBM. The award is presented in memory of the late Secretary of Commerce Brown, who…

  • WelfaretoWork Anniversary
    Last Aired

    Welfare-to-Work Anniversary

    The president commemorated the one year anniversary of the Welfare-to-Work Program, hosting industry leaders and a former welfare recipient. He called on private companies to join in the…

  • Inclusion and Economic Growth
    Last Aired

    Inclusion and Economic Growth

    As part of a forum titled, “Expanding the Marketplace: Inclusion, the Key to Economic Growth and Opportunity,” President Clinton talked about economic growth and minority participation in…

  • National Summit on Retirement Savings
    Last Aired

    National Summit on Retirement Savings

    Industry and financial experts talked about the current state of retirement savings, highlighting Social Security and personal accounts. They were followed by congressional leaders and the…

  • US Economy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Economy

    President Clinton announced a continuing decrease in unemployment numbers, adding that over 300,000 new jobs were created last month. He took no questions from the media.

  • Patients Bill of Rights
    Last Aired

    Patients' Bill of Rights

    After doctors and patients described their experiences with the health care system, President Clinton discussed his agenda to pass legislation which would create a patient’s bill of rights. He…

  • Health Care Quality Report
    Last Aired

    Health Care Quality Report

    After the formal delivery of their report to the president, members of the Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry talked briefly with reporters.

  • General MotorsUAW Strike
    Last Aired

    General Motors-UAW Strike

    Secretary Alexis talked with reporters about the tenative agreement between General Motors and UAW to end a 56 day strike.

  • Curbing Violence in Retail Establishments
    Last Aired

    Curbing Violence in Retail Establishments

    Secretary Herman talked about the problem of violence in late-night retail establishments. She announced Occupational Safety and Health Adminstration recommendations for curbing this…

  • Welfare Reform Anniversary
    Last Aired

    Welfare Reform Anniversary

    President Clinton discussed a report on how poor families are making the transition from welfare to work. He also announced changes in regulations and the release of grants to aid the most…

  • Welfare to Work
    Last Aired

    Welfare to Work

    Secretary Herman talked about welfare to work programs initiated in the new welfare reform measures passed by Congress. She talked about the success of the program and how it is effectively…

  • Farm Work Safety Campaign
    Last Aired

    Farm Work Safety Campaign

    Secretary Herdon announced the Farm Worker Safety campaign. The campaign is designed to inform farm workers about child rights and to teach their children how to be safe around farm work.…

  • Secretary Herman News Conference
    Last Aired

    Secretary Herman News Conference

    Secretary Herman met with reporters. She responded to the decision by Attorney General Reno to appoint an independent counsel to investigate allegations of influence peddling. Secretary Herman…

  • Unemployment Rise in Minority Population
    Last Aired

    Unemployment Rise in Minority Population

    Secretary Herman talked about the low U.S. unemployment rate and the increase in the number of jobs. She stated that we have the first balanced budget in over a generation because of President…

  • Democratic Response to Health Care Proposal
    Last Aired

    Democratic Response to Health Care Proposal

    Democratic Congressmen, and Secretary Herman reacted to the Republican health care proposal, and outlined their own legislation. Senator Daschle accused the Republicans of bowing to industry interests,…

  • Secretary of Labor Allegations
    Last Aired

    Secretary of Labor Allegations

    Secretary Herman talked briefly to reporters outside the Department of Labor about a Department of Justice inquiry into her activities in the White House Office of Public Liaison as part of…

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