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Iraq Occupation/Reconstruction (05/02/03-08/31/10) Kendrick Meek


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  • Iraq Security Forces Report
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    Iraq Security Forces Report

    Commissioners testified about their report on security in Iraq and the capabilities of Iraqi security forces operating in tandem with U.S. military forces. They noted both great progress in…

  • US Policy in Iraq
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    U.S. Policy in Iraq

    Representative Kendrick Meek, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, talked about U.S. policy on the war in Iraq and the Armed Services Committee hearing later in the day to hear…

  • Operations in Iraq
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    Operations in Iraq

    Representatives Meek, Altmire, and Arcuri talked to the press about U.S. operations and the security situation in Iraq. The Congressmen had just returned from Iraq where they met with…

  • Congressional Iraq Resolutions
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    Congressional Iraq Resolutions

    Representative Meek talked about the Iraq war resolutions proposed in the Senate during the week and the plans for the House to debate resolutions on the war in Iraq, possibly next week. He…

  • Defense Appropriations
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    Defense Appropriations

    Representative Meek, who was in Iraq over the Thanksgiving break and is critical of the Bush Administration’s policy in Iraq, spoke about the Iraq war. He discussed defense appropriations…

  • Presidential Iraq Speech Reaction
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    Presidential Iraq Speech Reaction

    Rep. Davis and Rep. Meek debated U.S. policy in Iraq and President Bush’s June 28 speech on Iraq from Fort Bragg. They responded to audience telephone calls, faxes, and electronic mail.

  • Marine Corps Force Protection
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    Marine Corps Force Protection

    The House Armed Services Committee held a hearing on Marine Corps force protection. The hearing focused on the nature of security threats to U.S. forces, use of improvised explosive devices…

  • Operations in Iraq
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    Operations in Iraq

    Mr. Wolfowitz and General Pace testified about operations in Iraq and the impending transfer of sovereignty to Iraqi authorities. Among the topics they addressed were the current security…

  • Future of US Forces in Iraq
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    Future of U.S. Forces in Iraq

    Officials testified about the role of U.S. forces following the transfer of sovereignty to Iraqi authorities. Among the issues they addressed were the current security challenges, building…

  • Operations in Iraq
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    Operations in Iraq

    Witnesses testified regarding operations in Iraq and military funding. They also talked about the war on terror, operations in Afghanistan, U.S. military force levels, plans for the…

  • Reconstruction Efforts in Iraq
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    Reconstruction Efforts in Iraq

    Ambassador Bremer testified through teleconference about reconstruction efforts in Iraq. Among the issues he addressed were progress made in restoring services and infrastructure, the…