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Congress Clarence J. Brown Jr.


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  • Lobbying the Early Congress Part 1
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    Lobbying the Early Congress Part 1

    Mr. DiGiacomantonio spoke about an overview of lobbying efforts by citizens during the first federal Congress which met in Philadelphia. He spoke about the process of lobbying by…

  • Lobbying the Early Congress Part 4
    Last Aired

    Lobbying the Early Congress Part 4

    Professor Desan outlined the implications of the 1793 Supreme Court case Chisholm v. Georgia on lobbying. In the case, the Court decided that a citizen of South Carolina could sue another…

  • Changes in Congress
    Last Aired

    Changes in Congress

    Ms. Boggs moderated this forum on changes in Congress since World War II. They discussed changes due to world, national, and local events and what the results have been. The U.S. Capitol…

  • Lobbying the Early Congress Part 3
    Last Aired

    Lobbying the Early Congress Part 3

    Professor John spoke about petitioning efforts by citizens by letters, often through indirect means, rather than sending them directly to members of Congress. He focused particularly on the…

  • Capitol Complex
    Last Aired

    Capitol Complex

    Mr. Allen and Mr. Brown talked about the various parts of the U.S. Capitol.

  • Women Members Lives and Experiences
    Last Aired

    Women Members' Lives and Experiences

    Two former members of Congress and Professor Washington discussed the role of women in Congress and government in general through personal and historical examples. They also took questions…

  • US Capitol Bicentennial Celebration
    Last Aired

    U.S. Capitol Bicentennial Celebration

    Mr. Lamb emceed a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol celebrating the 200th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone for the U.S. Capitol. The ceremony came the night before the 200th anniversary which…