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  • Fourth Amendment and Technology Panel 2
    Last Aired

    Fourth Amendment and Technology, Panel 2

    Legal analysts talked about government surveillance and data gathering technologies in the digital age. They also discussed the roles of Congress, courts, and the administration in enacting rules to protect consumer…

  • Domestic Surveillance
    Last Aired

    Domestic Surveillance

    Panelists talked about the challenges of using surveillance during the course domestic law enforcement. Topics included mobile phone tracking and encryption, as well as gathering…

  • Discussion on Cyber Crime and the Fourth Amendment
    Last Aired

    Cybercrime and the Fourth Amendment

    Panelists talked about cyber information and the Fourth Amendment. Topics included questions such as the protections for e-mails. Judge Posner participated by video conference. “The Future of the Fourth Amendment”…

  • 201415 Supreme Court Term Preview
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court 2014 Term Preview

    Constitutional attorneys and scholars previewed major cases in the 2014 Supreme Court term, which would begin October 6, 2014. Notable cases on the docket included racial gerrymandering of…

  • emA Conspiracy Against Obamacareem
    Last Aired

    A Conspiracy Against Obamacare

    Contributors Randy Barnett and Orin Kerr, and editor Trevor Burrus talked about their book, A Conspiracy Against Obamacare: The Volokh Conspiracy and the Health Care Case. The participants…

  • Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board Second Afternoon Hearing
    Last Aired

    Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, Second Afternoon Hearing

    The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board held a public hearing on possible changes to the National Security Agency’s (NSA) data collection programs. In the second afternoon meeting, a…

  • Privacy Experts Offer Updates for Electronic Privacy Act
    Last Aired

    Electronic Privacy Act

    Congress created guidelines for government electronic surveillance with the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (ECPA). A House Judiciary Subcommittee examined ways to adapt ECPA…

  • Social Media and Workplace Privacy
    Last Aired

    Social Media and Workplace Privacy

    Orin Kerr talked about arguments for and against the ability of employers to ask for information allowing them access to employees' personal social media websites, including Facebook…

  • Supreme Court Case on the Use of Search Warrants
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Case on the Use of Search Warrants

    Orin Kerr talked about the Supreme Court case Kentucky v. King, The case tests the strength of the 4th Amendment in only allowing police to enter a person’s home after showing grounds that…

  • Police GPS Tracking
    Last Aired

    Police GPS Tracking

    Orin Kerr talked about the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit’s recent decision that the government can monitor individuals via GPS (Global Positioning System) without a warrant and…

  • Supreme Court 20072008 Term Review
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court 2007-2008 Term Review

    A panel discussion was held to discuss the most recent Supreme Court term, emerging judicial themes and trends, and the future of the court. Among the major issues addressed were detainee…

  • Patriot Act Reauthorization
    Last Aired

    Patriot Act Reauthorization

    Witnesses testified about the reauthorization of the Patriot Act. The hearing focused on Section 212, the emergency disclosure of electronic communications.

  • USA  Patriot Act
    Last Aired

    USA Patriot Act

    Ms. Martin and Mr. Kerr talked about the effectiveness of the USA Patriot Act. They talked about a potential follow up to the Patriot Act and an attempt by Senator Orrin Hatch to make the…

  • Terrorism and Privacy Issues
    Last Aired

    Terrorism and Privacy Issues

    Participants talked about legal issues raised by governmental responses to terrorist attacks on the U.S., privacy rights, the powers of law enforcement officials, and Constitutional issues.…

  • Internet Crime
    Last Aired

    Internet Crime

    Participants talked about law enforcement efforts to detect and prevent crimes perpetrated using on-line technology. Following their remarks they answered questions from the audience.