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  • Hearing Focuses on Combating Sexual Harassment in Service Sector
    Last Aired

    Sexual Harassment in the Service Sector

    The Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues held a hearing on combating sexual harassment in the hotel, service, and airline industries. Employees and advocates from those industries shared…

  • Social Security and Women
    Last Aired

    Social Security and Women

    Seniors' and women’s organizations examined the challenges facing America’s elderly women and offered proposals to modernize benefits. They focused on a report which found that the poverty…

  • Womens Health and Contraception
    Last Aired

    Women's Health and Contraception

    Georgetown Law Center student Sandra Fluke testified about women’s health and contraception. She had been blocked from testifying at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee the previous…

  • Equal Pay for Women
    Last Aired

    Equal Pay for Women

    Witnesses testified about equal pay for women. Among the topics they addressed were the amount of time a woman works to earn the equivalent of a man for one year, proposed legislation to…

  • Womens Law and Public Policy
    Last Aired

    Women's Law and Public Policy

    On the organization’s 20th anniversary, Justice Ginsburg addressed the Women’s Law and Public Policy Fellowship Program’s annual conference on women and the law, held in the Capital Hilton. Many of the…

  • Womens Leadership Issues
    Last Aired

    Women's Leadership Issues

    Participants talked about various legislative issues important to women and organizing the women’s movement to advocate several issues. Among the topics they addressed were reproductive…

  • Experiences of Women in Power
    Last Aired

    Experiences of Women in Power

    Panelists talked about the experiences of women in power and politics, levels of representation of women in governments around the world, as well as promoting equal and civil rights.…

  • Equal Pay for Equal Work Rally
    Last Aired

    Equal Pay for Equal Work Rally

    Participants talked about inequality between men’s and women’s pay and voiced their support for the paycheck fairness act being considered by Congress.

  • Pay Equity
    Last Aired

    Pay Equity

    Participants talked to reporters about the pay equity gap between men and women. They announced legislation designed to help narrow the income disparity between men and women. Following…

  • Gender Pay Equity
    Last Aired

    Gender Pay Equity

    On “Equal Pay Day,” President Clinton announced several initiatives to narrow the wage gap between men and women. He also commented upon the Los Alamos fire, which he declared a federal…

  • Race and Gender Town Hall Meeting
    Last Aired

    Race and Gender Town Hall Meeting

    Participants discussed many issues associated with race and gender, including rap music, religion, education, and ways in which black women can affect politics. They stressed that the…

  • Women and Affirmative Action
    Last Aired

    Women and Affirmative Action

    Panel members participated in a roundtable concerned with women’s rights and affirmative action. They discussed whether affirmative action is still required in education, employment, and…

  • Women and Pay Equity
    Last Aired

    Women and Pay Equity

    President Clinton commemorated the 35th Anniversary of President Kennedy’s signing of the Equal Pay Act. He and other speakers urged passage of legislation to strengthen the laws that…

  • Racism and Gender in the 21st Century
    Last Aired

    Racism and Gender in the 21st Century

    Panelists discussed issues relating to racism and gender in society, which was part of the National Political Congress of Black Women’s annual convention. Ms. Malveaux moderated the…

  • National Council of Negro Women Convention
    Last Aired

    National Council of Negro Women Convention

    Friends and colleagues from the fields of business and politics gathered to pay tribute to Ms. Height. She recently announced she is stepping down from her post as leader of the National…

  • Devolution Issues
    Last Aired

    Devolution Issues

    At its second legislative summit which focused on the devolution of powers and responsibilities to state and local governments, participants talked about the dangers and challenges of…

  • Feminist Expo 96
    Last Aired

    Feminist Expo '96

    Legislators and feminist activists gathered to discuss a variety of issues, including affirmative action and the federal budget. They also criticized the actions of the 104th Congress thus…

  • Affirmative Action Policy
    Last Aired

    Affirmative Action Policy

    The panelists examined the importance of maintaining and preserving affirmative action policy. Following prepared remarks, they took questions from the audience.

  • Womens Issues Rally
    Last Aired

    Women's Issues Rally

    At a rally sponsored by the National Organization of Women and 425 other organization, speakers discussed various women’s issues, focusing on violence against women.

  • Race Gender and Power in America
    Last Aired

    Race, Gender, and Power in America

    Panelists at this afternoon session discussed the state of sexual harassment laws since the Hill-Thomas hearings. The panelists discussed images and portrayal of sexual harassment in…

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