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  • QA with Lionel
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    Q&A with Lionel

    Lionel talked about the co-opting and distortion of the terms “conservative” and “liberal,” the media, and his book Everyone’s Crazy Except You and Me...And I’m Not So Sure About You: America’s Favorite Contrarian Cuts Loose. Among other…

  • Talk Radio
    Last Aired

    Talk Radio

    Sean Hannity delivered the keynote address at the Talkers Magazine Tenth Annual New Media Seminar with the participation of Phil Boyce and Bob Michaels. Topics included First Amendment rights and why politics…

  • 2004 Elections and Talk Radio
    Last Aired

    2004 Elections and Talk Radio

    Talk radio hosts representing a broad ideological spectrum took part in a panel discussion. The hosts discussed the impact and influence of talk radio on politics in the U.S., the role of…

  • Talk Radio Past and Future
    Last Aired

    Talk Radio Past and Future

    Radio talk show hosts from around the country discussed the news events of 2003 and speculated about the events of 2004. After their remarks they answered audience members' questions.

  • Talk Radio Issues
    Last Aired

    Talk Radio Issues

    In a forum called “The Talk Rumble,” talk show hosts debated various controversial news stories, including punishment for children who murder other children and cover-ups of UFO information.