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  • Conversation with David McCullough
    Last Aired

    Conversation with David McCullough

    David McCullough spoke about why he thinks studying history is important, what his writing process is like, and how he started writing books. He also previewed his upcoming work about the…

  • Conversation With Gordon Wood
    Last Aired

    Conversation With Gordon Wood

    Gordon Wood talked about the social and economic backgrounds of the Founding Fathers and explores the origins of their values. He also talked about the Founding Fathers' thoughts on proper…

  • Conversation With Historian Joseph Ellis
    Last Aired

    Conversation With Historian Joseph Ellis

    Joseph Ellis spoke about what inspired him to study the Founding Fathers, and what he likes most about each individual. This event was part of a series on the Founders hosted by the Society…

  • HMS Jersey and the American Revolution
    Last Aired

    HMS Jersey and the American Revolution

    Historian Robert Watson talked about his book, The Ghost Ship of Brooklyn: An Untold Story of the American Revolution. He described how the British used the HMS Jersey, a former warship…

  • Conversation with Lynne Cheney
    Last Aired

    Conversation with Lynne Cheney

    Lynne Cheney spoke about her writing process and President Madison’s relationship with the other founders. She also previewed her upcoming book about the four Founding Fathers from Virginia.