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  • Abraham Lincolns Life and Legacy
    Last Aired

    Abraham Lincoln's Life and Legacy

    Historians discussed President Lincoln at a day-long symposium on Abraham Lincoln’s life, career & legacy. The Abraham Lincoln Institute & Ford’s Theatre Society co-host.

  • Abraham Lincolns Record and Reputation
    Last Aired

    Abraham Lincoln's Record and Reputation

    Allen Guelzo, author of Redeeming the Great Emancipator, talked about President Lincoln’s record and reputation. “Hating Lincoln, or, Why So Many Americans Think the Great Emancipator is No Longer…

  • President Lincolns Second Inaugural Address 150th Anniversary
    Last Aired

    President Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address 150th Anniversary

    The National Park Service and the Lincoln Group of D.C. hosted a commemorative ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial for the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s second inaugural address. The…

  • Lincolns Legacy and the 13th Amendment
    Last Aired

    Lincoln's Legacy and the 13th Amendment

    Panelists talked about the legacy of President Abraham Lincoln and the 13th amendment. Speakers and panelists included William “Bro” Adams, Allen Guelzo, Sidney Blumenthal, David Rubenstein,…

  • Religion and the Presidency Early Presidents
    Last Aired

    Religion and the Presidency: Early Presidents

    The speakers focused on the early U.S. presidents and the effect of religion on their presidencies. President Washington was referred to as a Deist. President Jefferson was secretive about his…

  • Lincolns Views on Religion and Politics
    Last Aired

    Lincoln's Views on Religion and Politics

    Mr. Morel talked about President Lincoln views on mixing politics and religion. Following prepared remarks, he responded to questions from the audience. Mr. Morel is the author of Lincoln’s…

  • Political Discourse in America
    Last Aired

    Political Discourse in America

    Mr. Steele and the panelists discussed the philosophy of Mr. Steele, who has written many books and articles on race relations.