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  • Hearing on US Strategy Against ISIS
    Last Aired

    U.S. Strategy Against Terrorists

    Secretary of State John Kerry testified at a Senate Foreign Relation Committee hearing on U.S. strategy for combating the Islamic State* militant group. He had just returned from a trip abroad to build a…

  • Discussion on Combating the Islamic State
    Last Aired

    Combating ISIS

    Middle East policy experts talked about President Obama’s plan to combat ISIS* and the U.S. effort to establish a reliable partner in Syria to fight both ISIS and President Assad’s regime…

  • Future of Syria
    Last Aired

    Future of Syria

    Former U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford spoke with Woodrow Wilson scholar Aaron David Miller about the future of Syria. Ambassador Ford said Bashar al Assad is still in power in part because…

  • Conflict Resolution in Syria
    Last Aired

    Conflict Resolution in Syria

    Ambassador Robert Ford and others talked about resolving the conflict in Syria. Ambassador Ford outlined why the Geneva talks failed to bring a resolution to the fighting in Syria, and said that…

  • Humanitarian Efforts in Syria
    Last Aired

    Syrian Civil War and Humanitarian Aid

    Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and former U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford talked about humanitarian efforts in Syria. Mr. Miliband urged members of the United Nations…

  • Discussion on Middle East Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Foreign Policy Toward the Middle East

    Former U.S. Ambassadors James Jeffrey, who served in Iraq, and Robert Ford, who served in Syria, discussed the situation in the Middle East and the ongoing fight against the so-called Islamic State* militants in…