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    Ulysses S. Grant Before the Civil War

    Gregory Hospodor talked about the pre-Civil War life of Ulysses S. Grant, including his military education, character, and marriage. As a failed businessman who had resigned his Army commission in 1854, few had…

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    Ulysses S. Grant and National Memory

    Bryan Le Beau talked about how although the facts of President Ulysses S. Grant’s life have not changed since his death in 1885, his image in the national memory has changed over the years and what accounts for…

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    Rival Rails: The Race to Build America's Greatest Transcontinental Railroad

    Walter Borneman talked about his book Rival Rails: The Race to Build America’s Greatest Transcontinental Railroad. Before the Civil War the most logical route for the planned…

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    Truman's Grandview Farm

    After his grandfather’s death, Harry Truman worked on his family’s 2000 acre Missouri farm. In the 12 years he worked the farm before he left to serve during World War I, Truman proposed to his…