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  • Land Use During Reconstruction
    Last Aired

    Land Use During Reconstruction

    Professor Adam Dean talks about plans and proposals for land use and redistribution in the South and West during Reconstruction. He argued that a northern agrarian ideal was imposed on both…

  • emThe Cherokee Diasporaem
    Last Aired

    The Cherokee Diaspora

    Historian and author Gregory Smithers discusses his book, The Cherokee Diaspora: An Indigenous History of Migration, Resettlement, and Identity. In his book, Mr. Smithers, an Australian…

  • Surratt Family of Maryland
    Last Aired

    Surratt Family of Maryland

    Author David O. Stewart talked about the group that plotted the assassination of President Lincoln and the Washington, D.C. boarding house where it was planned. Though John Wilkes Booth…

  • Discussion on Thomas Jefferson and Religious Freedom in the US
    Last Aired

    Establishment of Religious Freedom in U.S.

    Thomas Buckley talked about the establishment of religious freedom in the U.S. Mr. Buckley focused on Virginia’s statute on religious freedom, authored by Thomas Jefferson, and its role in bringing…

  • American History TV Conclusion of the Overland Campaign
    Last Aired

    Conclusion of the Overland Campaign

    Historians and officials from the National Park Service commemorated the conclusion of the Overland Campaign, which took place in Virginia in May and June of 1864. In keynote remarks, Civil War scholar James…

  • African Americans and the War of 1812
    Last Aired

    African Americans and the War of 1812

    Historian Gene Allen Smith talked about the experiences of African Americans during the War of 1812, and the choice many faced between joining the U.S. or the British, who offered to free…

  • emA Nation of Deadbeatsem
    Last Aired

    A Nation of Deadbeats

    Author Scott Nelson discussed his book, A Nation of Deadbeats: An Uncommon History of America’s Financial Disasters, in which he argues that consumer debt has underpinned almost every major financial…

  • emLincoln and McClellanem
    Last Aired

    Lincoln and McClellan

    John Waugh spoke about the complex relationship between President Abraham Lincoln and General George McClellan from the early days of the Civil War when the president appointed General…