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  • Education Secretary Speaks at American Enterprise Institute
    Last Aired

    Education Secretary DeVos on Federal Tax Credits and School Choice

    The American Enterprise Institute hosted a discussion with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Education Freedom Scholarships. This school choice initiative provides $5 billion annually in…

  • Washington Journal Frederick Hess and Michael Hansen Discuss US Education Policy
    Last Aired

    Frederick Hess and Michael Hansen on U.S. Education Policy

    Frederick Hess and Michael Hansen talked about education policy and the recent teacher walkouts in Kentucky and Oklahoma.

  • Washington Journal Frederick Hess Discusses Education Reform
    Last Aired

    Frederick Hess on Education Reform

    Frederick Hess talked his book, Letters to a Young Education Reformer.

  • Charter and Private Schools
    Last Aired

    Charter and Private Schools

    Panelists talked about charter and private schools, and how they can best maintain their “edge” against the public system. They focused on money spent per student in charter/private systems vs. public systems, and…

  • Discussion on Common Core Standards
    Last Aired

    Education Common Core Standards

    Education experts talked about Common Core* standards and the U.S. education system. Topics included the pros and cons of the standards, and controversies over the initiative. All the…

  • CT Gov Malloy Addresses Statelevel School Reform
    Last Aired

    Governor Dan Malloy on Education Policy

    Governor Dannel Malloy (D-CT) talked about his efforts in his state to address educational “achievement gaps,” the disparity in academic performance between groups of students. Connecticut had the largest…

  • States and Education
    Last Aired

    States and Education

    Frederick Hess and Bryan Hassell talked about ways to support teachers and school leaders. Following their presentations governors discussed their states' practices and reforms on…

  • Education System Reform
    Last Aired

    Education System Reform

    Superintendents talked about effective ways that school systems could implement Common Core State standards, adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia, that allow states to accurately compare…

  • ForProfit Education
    Last Aired

    For-Profit Education

    Panelists talked about the role of private enterprise in public education. Topics included metrics to measure performance and outcomes, the ability of for-profit operators to pioneer new services…

  • 2012 Election and Education Policy
    Last Aired

    2012 Election and Education Policy

    Education scholars and policy leaders from both political parties discussed education priorities for the Obama administration’s second term. Topics included the prospects for the…

  • Presidential Advisers on Education Reform
    Last Aired

    Presidential Advisers on Education Reform

    Education policy advisers from the Obama and Romney campaigns debated education policy, the role of the federal government in education, and the best practices in closing achievement gaps…

  • Education Reform
    Last Aired

    Education Reform

    Education policy leaders and professors, contributors to the recently published The Futures of School Reform, talked about reform of the education model in American schools.*They discussed the…

  • No Child Left Behind Reauthorization
    Last Aired

    No Child Left Behind Reauthorization

    Public school teachers testified on the possible re-authorization of the No Child Left Behind Act. The majority of witnesses agreed that there had been positive outcomes from higher student and teacher…

  • Teachers School Reform and Budget Cuts
    Last Aired

    Teachers, School Reform, and Budget Cuts

    The American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten and American Enterprise Insitute Education Policy Director Frederick Hess debated reforms affecting teachers. They discussed at…

  • Overview of School Spending
    Last Aired

    Overview of School Spending

    Panelists talked about school spending. Topics included how school districts are changing their spending, how funds are spent, and an historical perspective of school spending. Following…

  • Barriers to Education Change
    Last Aired

    Barriers to Education Change

    Panelists spoke about challenges facing education systems and potential barriers to progress in efforts to reduce costs while strengthening student achievement. Among the issues they…

  • emThe Secret of TSL Total Student Loadem
    Last Aired

    The Secret of TSL (Total Student Load)

    William Ouchi talked about his book The Secret of TSL: The Revolutionary Discovery That Raises School Performance (Simon & Schuster; September 1, 2009). In his book he reports on his research on 442 schools…

  • Tuition Tax Credits
    Last Aired

    Tuition Tax Credits

    Kevin Welner talked about the growth of tuition tax credit programs that allow individuals and corporations to provide money for K-12 scholarships for eligible students. Topics included the…

  • Future of Secondary Education
    Last Aired

    Future of Secondary Education

    State and local officials spoke about the state of high school education at an educational summit on the need to improve secondary education. Panelists addressed a number of issues…

  • Reforming Urban Schools
    Last Aired

    Reforming Urban Schools

    Joel Klein offered his ideas on how to reform urban schools. His goal was to create a system of great schools rather than a great school system. One method to achieve this goal was to…

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