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  • October Surprise Task Force Final Report
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    October Surprise Task Force Final Report

    Members of a House task force spoke in a news conference to announce the results of their investigation into the “October Surprise” in 1980. The task force found no truth to the accusations…

  • Thomas Confirmation Hearing Reaction
    Last Aired

    Thomas Confirmation Hearing Reaction

    Mr. Leon, a college classmate of Judge Thomas, and others commented on the morning’s hearing.

  • Clarence ThomasCollege and Law School Career
    Last Aired

    Clarence Thomas:College and Law School Career

    Mr. Leon, member of the College of the Holy Cross class of 1971, and Mr. Singleton, member of the Yale Law School class of 1974, discussed their acquaintance with U.S. Court of Appeals Judge and…

  • IranContra Investigation Day 31
    Last Aired

    Iran-Contra Investigation Day 31

    Poindexter testifies that he did not give Oliver North direct orders to lie to Congress, but that he did expect North to withold information and that it was necessary to do so to protect the operation…

  • IranContra Investigation Day 22
    Last Aired

    Iran-Contra Investigation Day 22

    Charles Cooper testified concerning the Justice Department’s Iran arms sales investigation, including the discovery of the memo that first revealed diversion of profits to the Contras. Mr.…