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Joseph A. Califano Jr.


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  • Alcohol and Tobacco as Gateway Drugs
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    Alcohol and Tobacco as Gateway Drugs

    Mr. Califano spoke about a report released by the Cener on Addiction and Substance Abuse which indicated that alcohol and cigarettes are “gateway” drugs, i.e., using them greatly increases…

  • Tobacco Products
    Last Aired

    Tobacco Products

    During a congressional hearing looking at the health effects of smoking, the House Health and the Environment Subcommittee continued its series of hearings on the impact of smoking and efforts by…

  • CSPAN Sunday Journal
    Last Aired

    C-SPAN Sunday Journal

    Interviews, video clips and vignettes illustrated the political issues and events of the previous week. The top story was the withdrawal by Admiral Inman of his name from consideration for…

  • Tobacco Product Regulation
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    Tobacco Product Regulation

    Mr. Califano discussed a recently completed study into the direct financial implications of smoking in the U.S. He stated that “all the health care reform in the world will be unsuccessful if we…