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    White House Chief Usher Interview

    White House Chief Usher Stephen Rochon talked about White House staff operations and coordination of various events held at the White House. A C-SPAN crew followed him as the staff prepared for a visit…

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    1968 White House Tour with Lady Bird Johnson

    Lady Bird Johnson conducted a tour of some of the private areas of the White House and spoke about their significance. The video, The President’s House, was shot by the Naval Photographic Unit of the…

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    White House Tour with Laura Bush

    First Lady Laura Bush spoke about living in the White House, the use of the building by the family of presidents, and the role of the first family as conservators of the historic building. She also…

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    Lincoln Summer White House

    Historians spoke about President Lincoln’s summer retreat cottage located near the Soldiers Home in Washington, D.C. The cottage was used as Lincoln’s Summer White House much as Camp David is used by current…

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    The White House: Inside America's Most Famous Home

    The White House: Inside America’s Most Famous Home provides a documentary-style look behind the scenes at White House operations and examines the history of the president’s home. Featured…

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    President Bush on Living in the White House

    President Bush spoke about living in the White House, his daily routine, and reflected on his experiences in the residence. This program was part of “White House Week” programming and is…

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    Historians on Lyndon B. Johnson

    Historians spoke about Lyndon Johnson’s White House and related several anecdotes about Presidents Johnson’s activities in the residence.

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    Historians on Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Historians spoke about Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency and way in which he used the White House throughout his presidency, including many rooms used during World War II.

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    Historians on Theodore Roosevelt

    Historians spoke about Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency and personal style of leadership, and its impact on the operations of the White House.

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    Historians on George Washington

    Historians spoke about George Washington’s efforts to design and build the White House and city planning for the District of Columbia.

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    Making of the White House Series

    Mr. Farkas and Mr. Reilly spoke about the making of C-SPAN’s documentary on the history and operation of the White House, as well as their experiences and impressions of the president’s…

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    The Lincoln White House

    Harold Holzer spoke about the White House during the Lincoln administration. He spoke about Lincoln’s office, now known as the Lincoln bedroom, the use of the residence during the U.S. Civil War, and…

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    Tour of the White House Gardens and Grounds

    Dale Haney spoke during a tour of the White House Gardens and Grounds during preparations for a state visit by Queen Elizabeth II. The program also features a narrated history and tour of the…

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    Role of the White House Military Aide

    Alan Merten, former White House military aide from 1965-66, spoke about his experiences at the White House during the Johnson administration, the role of the military staff, and coordinating official events…

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    First Families and the White House

    Mr. Walters spoke about the role of the White House Usher and his experience with the first families since the Ford administration. He recounted several personal experiences while working for various…

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    Tour of the White House Theater

    A C-SPAN crew toured the White House movie theater as First Lady Laura bush hosted guests for a screening of a new Nancy Drew movie. This program was part of “White House Week” programming…

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    Tour of the White House Flower Shop

    White House floral designer, Nancy Clarke, spoke about the daily operations of the White house florist and special activity surrounding the state visit of Queen Elizabeth II. She talked about…

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    Tour of the White House Calligraphy Office

    Chief White House Calligrapher Pat Blair spoke about the calligraphy office’s operations as they prepared invitations for a state dinner for Queen Elizabeth II. She also talked about the daily…

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    Tour of the White House Kitchen

    White House Executive Chef, Christeta Comerford, spoke about kitchen operations, the preparation of meals for official dinners, and special preparations being made for a state dinner for Queen…

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    Tour of the White House Pastry Kitchen

    White House pastry chef, Bill Yosses, conducted a tour of the pastry kitchen as the staff prepared for a state dinner for Queen Elizabeth II. He spoke about the desert menu, decorating the deserts, and the…

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