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  • CBS Coverage of the Apollo 11 Launch
    Last Aired

    CBS Coverage of the Apollo 11 Launch

    Walter Cronkite anchored the live CBS News broadcast of the launch of the first manned mission to land on the moon, Apollo 11, from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The program includes…

  • QA with John Paul Stevens
    Last Aired

    Q&A with John Paul Stevens

    Former Justice John Paul Stevens discussed his memoir that details the workings of the Supreme Court from his personal interactions with the five most recent chief justices, beginning with…

  • Apollo 11 Astronaut Returns to the Launch Pad
    Last Aired

    Apollo 11 Astronaut Returns to the Launch Pad

    Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins returned to the launch pad at NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida to talk with Space Center director Robert Cabana about his experience on the…

  • US Politics and Government in the 1790s
    Last Aired

    U.S. Politics and Government in the 1790s

    Historians examined the early years of the new federal government, and the politics of the 1790s. This was part of a two-day Purdue University conference called “Remaking American Political…

  • Women of the Suffrage Movement
    Last Aired

    Women of the Suffrage Movement

    Historian Susan Ware talked about some of the 19 lesser-known suffrage leaders profiled in her book, Why They Marched: Untold Stories of the Women Who Fought for the Right to Vote. This National…

  • Origins of the Refugee Act of 1980
    Last Aired

    Origins of the Refugee Act of 1980

    A group of former government officials who helped write and implement the Refugee Act of 1980 discussed the reasons behind the creation of the legislation, and how these issues are still with us…

  • Refugee Act of 1980
    Last Aired

    Refugee Act of 1980

    A group of former government officials and refugee rights advocates discussed the Refugee Act of 1980, the history of refugee policy prior to 1980, and refugee issues over the past 40…

  • emAmerica in Space  The First Decadeem
    Last Aired

    America in Space - The First Decade

    This 1968 film chronicles the major accomplishments of NASA since it was established by Congress in 1958. The documentary culminates with the successful launch of a Saturn 5 rocket,…

  • Apollo 11 Astronaut Interviews
    Last Aired

    Apollo 11 Astronaut Interviews

    In a short NASA pre-launch interview, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin describe their primary duties on the first mission to land on the moon.

  • Bunny Mellons Legacy
    Last Aired

    Bunny Mellon's Legacy

    This program was about Kennedy White House Rose Garden designer Bunny Mellon, and her friendship with first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. It was part of a day-long symposium hosted by the White…

  • Economics of Slavery
    Last Aired

    Economics of Slavery

    Author Daina Ramey Berry talked about her book, The Price for Their Pound of Flesh: The Value of the Enslaved, from Womb to Grave, in the Building of a Nation. This interview was recorded…

  • Topgun  US Navy Fighter Weapons School
    Last Aired

    Topgun - U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School

    Former Navy fighter pilot Dan Pedersen, the first officer in charge and co-founder of the U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School, discussed his book Top Gun: An American Story. In his illustrated…

  • Western Lands Before and After the American Revolution
    Last Aired

    Western Lands Before and After the American Revolution

    University of Utah Professor Eric Hinderaker taught a class about western settlement before, during and after the American Revolution. Using the Kentucky territory as an example, he…

  • National History Day Story of Harriet Ann Jacobs
    Last Aired

    National History Day, Story of Harriet Ann Jacobs

    Executive director Cathy Gorn describes the National History Day contest, then three middle school students present a 10-minute performance titled, “From the Tragedy of Slavery to the Triumph of…

  • July 10 1944 Combat Weekly Digest
    Last Aired

    July 10, 1944 Combat Weekly Digest

    Combat Weekly Digest was a World War II newsreel produced for the Army Air Forces from 1943-1945. This issue features scenes in Italy, France, the Admiralty Islands, and India. The films…

  • 1850s Political Crisis
    Last Aired

    1850s Political Crisis

    The decade before the Civil War was a time of upheaval, comprise and sectional differences. A panel of historians looked at the political crisis of the 1850s and discussed the politicians…

  • Dwight D Eisenhower as a Leader
    Last Aired

    Dwight D. Eisenhower as a Leader

    Louis Galambos, editor of The Papers of Dwight David Eisenhower, talked about the evolution of Ike’s leadership style from a West Point cadet to president of the United States. The Kansas…

  • emSpies Patriots and Traitorsem
    Last Aired

    Spies, Patriots, and Traitors

    Kenneth Daigler talked about his book, Spies, Patriots, and Traitors: American Intelligence in the Revolutionary War, in which he looks at U.S. intelligence during the Revolutionary War and…

  • History of the US Forest Service
    Last Aired

    History of the U.S. Forest Service

    The U.S. Forest Service was established in 1905 by President Theodore Roosevelt. The National Museum of Forest Service History tells the service’s story through a collection of items from the federal agency.…

  • International Ideologies and US Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    International Ideologies and U.S. Foreign Policy

    Historians discussed ideas that have shaped international ideologies and U.S. foreign policy. Topics included 19th and 20th century religious groups, unilateralism, and the impact of fear…

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