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  • Mexicos Oil and Gas Sector
    Last Aired

    Mexico's Petroleum Industry

    Mexican Ambassador to the U.S. Medina Mora outlined his country’s decision to end its ban on allowing the private sector into the Mexican energy market. The reform was part of a package of…

  • Gas and Oil Prices
    Last Aired

    Gas and Oil Prices

    Witnesses testified about rising oil and gasoline prices, energy production, and U.S. energy policy. Among the issues they addressed were the use of federal lands for oil exploration and…

  • Winter Fuels Outlook
    Last Aired

    Winter Fuels Outlook

    State and federal energy officials heard about the winter fuels outlook a conference sponsored by National Association of State Energy Officials and the Department of Energy. Following…

  • 2008 World Energy Outlook
    Last Aired

    2008 World Energy Outlook

    Representatives of the International Energy Agency (IEA) released their “World Energy Outlook 2008” report. The report focused on future prospects for oil and gas production, as well as…

  • Oil Supply and Demand
    Last Aired

    Oil Supply and Demand

    The House Select Energy Independence and Global Warming Committee held a hearing on the long-term prognosis for oil supply and demand around the world and what solutions could be…

  • 2008 Energy Conference
    Last Aired

    2008 Energy Conference

    The opening session began with a video on the creation of the Department of Energy by President Carter in 1977. Other topics covered by session speakers included the need for more technology;…

  • US Energy Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Energy Policy

    Participants talked about U.S. energy policy. Topics included high and volatile gasoline prices, renewable fuels as cost-effective alternatives, climate-change issues, and governmental…

  • Gas Supply and Prices
    Last Aired

    Gas Supply and Prices

    Witnesses testified about gas prices and supply, including natural gas, demand, reserves, and production capabilities.

  • Impact of High Gas Prices on Small Businesses
    Last Aired

    Impact of High Gas Prices on Small Businesses

    Witnesses testified about energy policy, the impact of high gasoline prices on small businesses, fuel markets and capacity, added costs due to transportation of goods, and potential costs…

  • Gasoline Prices
    Last Aired

    Gasoline Prices

    Witnesses testified about energy industry issues and economic policy. Among the topics they addressed were rising gasoline prices, oil company profits, and consumer perceptions of the oil…

  • 2007 World Energy Outlook
    Last Aired

    2007 World Energy Outlook

    Mr. Caruso spoke about the Energy Information Administration’s forecast of world energy supply and demand through 2030. He spoke about the price of oil and energy sources, the current…

  • 2007 Summer Energy Prices
    Last Aired

    2007 Summer Energy Prices

    A hearing was held on the short-term energy outlook for oil and gasoline in the summer of 2007. Topics included the high price of gasoline, summer driving season, regulation of gasoline…

  • US Energy Consumption
    Last Aired

    U.S. Energy Consumption

    Guy Caruso talked about U.S. energy consumption, focusing on use of oil and gasoline, including how much energy is used and where it comes from. He also responded to telephone calls and…

  • Winter Fuel Outlook 2006
    Last Aired

    Winter Fuel Outlook 2006

    At a winter fuels outlook conference Mr. Caruso and others talked about the 2006-2007 outlook for heating fuel costs and supplies. They addressed winter weather forecasts, the state of the world…

  • Energy Development Technology Issues
    Last Aired

    Energy Development Technology Issues

    Following welcoming remarks, a panel, moderated by Guy Caruso, talked about the role of new technology meeting future energy challenges, as well as current and future trends in the energy…

  • Gasoline Price Increases
    Last Aired

    Gasoline Price Increases

    Guy Caruso talked about the economic forces behind the rise in gasoline prices. Topics included U.S. oil supply, oil demand, and dependence on foreign oil. He also responded to telephone…

  • Energy Outlook 2006
    Last Aired

    Energy Outlook 2006

    Mr. Caruso spoke about the energy outlook for 2006. Using charts and graphs, he talked about topics including a reassessment of long-term oil price projections, primary energy consumption…

  • Winter Fuel Costs
    Last Aired

    Winter Fuel Costs

    As part of a day-long conference on winter fuels supplies and pricing, Mr. Caruso talked about forecasts for winter heating fuel prices and talked about the state of the energy market.…

  • Energy Pricing Investigation
    Last Aired

    Energy Pricing Investigation

    Witnesses testified about the short- and long-term rise in domestic energy prices and whether price gouging is occurring in consumer gasoline or whether the market is controlling prices in…

  • Natural Gas Prices and Hurricane Katrina
    Last Aired

    Natural Gas Prices and Hurricane Katrina

    A hearing was held to assess the crisis in natural gas supplies and prices in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Witnesses testified about forecasted national storage reserves, legal maneuvers…

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