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  • Discussion on Democracy
    Last Aired

    Discussion on Democracy

    Historian Anne Applebaum, biographer Jon Meacham, columnist Bret Stephens, and former world chess champion Garry Kasparov discussed the state of global democracy. They spoke at the Rancho…

  • Discussion on Politics
    Last Aired

    Discussion on Politics

    Authors Maureen Dowd, Bret Stephens, Anne Applebaum, and Karl Rove, discussed foreign affairs at the Rancho Mirage Writers Festival in California.

  • Munk Debate on Western Engagement with Russia
    Last Aired

    Munk Debate on Western Engagement with Russia

    Panelists debated the West’s relationship with President Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Vladimir Pozner and Stephen Cohen argued for the resolution, “Be it resolved the West should engage not isolate…

  • QA with Anne Applebaum
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Anne Applebaum

    Pulitzer Prize-winning author Anne Applebaum talked about her book, Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-1956. She used newly opened archives and conducted interviews to examine the effects of communist…

  • 2012 National Book Awards
    Last Aired

    2012 National Book Awards

    Television and radio host Faith Salie hosted the 63rd annual National Book Awards. The National Book Foundation presented The Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters to author…

  • emGulag  A History em
    Last Aired

    Gulag: A History

    Ms. Applebaum talked about her book Gulag: A History, published by Doubleday. Nearly 30 million prisoners passed through the Soviet Union’s labor camps in their more than 60 years of operation. This is…

  • USRussia Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Russia Relations

    Anne Applebaum discussed her recent column titled “Skip St. Petersburg, Mr. Bush.” In that column, she writes why President Bush should not attend the G-8 meeting in St. Petersburg this…

  • emThe Cube and the Cathedral  Politics Without Godem
    Last Aired

    The Cube and the Cathedral: Politics Without God

    George Weigel talked about his book The Cube and the Cathedral: Europe, America, and Politics Without God, published by Basic Books. He argued that there can be no defense of freedom or democracy without God. In…

  • Foreign Perceptions of US Policy
    Last Aired

    Foreign Perceptions of U.S. Policy

    Ms. Applebaum talked about her article in Foreign Policy Magazine titled, “In Search of Pro-Americanism,” and public perceptions of U.S. foreign and domestic policy. She also addressed…

  • European Constitution
    Last Aired

    European Constitution

    In advance of France’s referendum on the proposed European Constitution, which occured on May 29, the Brookings Institution held a panel discussion on the importance of the vote and how it…

  • News Review
    Last Aired

    News Review

    Ms. Applebaum talked about current events, stories in the day’s news, and issues raised in her columns. She also responded to viewer comments and questions.

  • CBS and National Guard Story
    Last Aired

    CBS and National Guard Story

    Ms. Applebaum talked about her column this week on the Dan Rather situation. She spoke about the impact of the scandal on the future of network and cable news. She responded to audience…

  • Morality and History
    Last Aired

    Morality and History

    Mr. Winchester was interviewed and responded to viewer telephone calls about his writing process and his history books. Then the panel he was on titled “Does History Have a Moral?” was shown. The panel…

  • News Review
    Last Aired

    News Review

    Ms. Applebaum, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Gulag: A History, published by Anchor Books, discussed the current state of Russian democracy, resemblances between the Soviet regime and…

  • emLos Angeles Timesem Festival of Books Interviews
    Last Aired

    Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Interviews

    Carrie Fisher was shown signing copies of her book The Best Awful. Mr. Talese was interviewed about his book The Gay Talese Reader: Portraits and Encounters. Ms. Applebaum was interviewed…

  • News Review
    Last Aired

    News Review

    Ms. Applebaum talked about current issues, including the opposition to the government in Iran. She responded to audience telephone calls, faxes, and electronic mail.