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  • National Debt and the Economy
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    National Debt and the Economy

    The House Financial Services Committee held a hearing on the national debt, which totaled more than $21 trillion at the end of 2018. Fiscal policy analysts from a variety of think tanks talked…

  • US Budget and Deficit
    Last Aired

    U.S. Budget and Deficit

    Bruce Riedl talked about the current U.S. budget deficit and how it will be affected by President Obama’s proposed fiscal year 2011 budget. He also responded to telephone calls and…

  • PresidentElect Obamas Economic Plan
    Last Aired

    President-Elect Obama's Economic Plan

    James Kvaal and Brian Riedl reacted to the previous days' speech by President-Elect Barack Obama on the economy, and they responded to telephone calls and electronic mail. The…

  • Taxes and Federal Spending
    Last Aired

    Taxes and Federal Spending

    Mr. Reidl talked about his editorial piece “What Your Taxes Go For,” in which he outlined how the federal government spent tax revenues. He estimated the federal government would spend an…

  • Federal Income Tax Policy
    Last Aired

    Federal Income Tax Policy

    Participants spoke to reporters about tax policy, federal spending levels, wasteful programs, burdens placed on middle and working class tax payers, and various reform proposals. They also…

  • Spending and Appropriations Measures
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    Spending and Appropriations Measures

    Mr. Riedl talked about the appropriations process and the use of earmarks for spending projects in various congressional districts. He also talked about potential reforms and efforts to curb…

  • Cost of Government Day
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    Cost of Government Day

    Americans for Tax Reform marked July 12 as Cost of Government Day for 2006. It was the day when all of the earnings of Americans are estimated to have paid the calendar year’s taxes. They…

  • Tax Reform
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    Tax Reform

    The Americans for Tax Reform held their annual rally and press conference on the day income taxes were due. They talked about issues before Congress, including extending dividend and…

  • Paying for Katrina and Closing the Fiscal Gap
    Last Aired

    Paying for Katrina and Closing the Fiscal Gap

    Following opening remarks by former Representative Stenholm, panelists talked about budget deficit reduction in the context of funding recovery efforts in response to Hurricane Katrina, the Iraq War,…

  • State of the Union Spending Programs
    Last Aired

    State of the Union Spending Programs

    Mr. Riedl talked about the spending programs described in President Bush’s State of the Union address. He said that the president had proposed spending increases, but has not indicated…

  • Cost of Government Day
    Last Aired

    Cost of Government Day

    Participants talked to reporters about tax policy and spending by both the federal and state governments. Following their remarks they answered questions from the reporters.