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  • The State of Black America
    Last Aired

    The State of Black America

    Panelists discussed the recent meeting between President Obama, Henry Louis Gates, and Cambridge police office James Crowley. They also talked about current race relations in America. Following their discussion,…

  • Little Rock Central High School Integration
    Last Aired

    Little Rock Central High School Integration

    Members of the “Little Rock Nine” spoke on the 50th anniversary of when they, as teenagers, desegregated Little Rock Central High School under the guidance of Daisy Bates and the protection of soldiers…

  • Civil Rights Investigations
    Last Aired

    Civil Rights Investigations

    Justice Department officials announced the re-opening of unresolved civil rights cases. Several cases of violence committed against African Americans in the 1960s were recently solved by…

  • Future of Black Men
    Last Aired

    Future of Black Men

    A town hall meeting was held on the challenges facing black American men. The panelists talked about topics such as black families, mentoring, education and training, access to minority business…

  • Education and Affirmative Action
    Last Aired

    Education and Affirmative Action

    Participants spoke to youth leaders about diversity and affirmative action programs in higher education. Among the topics they addressed were a recent Supreme Court case upholding…