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  • Washington Journal Anthony Cordesman Discusses US Foreign Policy Challenges in 2018
    Last Aired

    Anthony Cordesman on U.S. Foreign Policy Challenges in 2018

    Anthony Cordesman talked about the foreign policy challenges facing the U.S. in 2018.

  • Washington Journal Anthony Cordesman Discusses Potential Troop Increases in Afghanistan
    Last Aired

    Anthony Cordesman on Potential Troop Increases in Afghanistan

    Anthony Cordesman talked about a potential troop increase in Afghanistan.

  • Forum Previews Presidents Trip to the Middle East
    Last Aired

    President Trump's Trip to Middle East and Europe

    The Center for Strategic and International Studies previewed President Trump’s upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican.

  • M Homayun Qayoumi Discusses the Future of Afghanistan
    Last Aired

    Afghanistan Security and Economy

    Mohammad Homayun Qayoumi, chief adviser to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, delivered remarks on the future of Afghanistan. He addressed the current security environment, efforts to fight…

  • Washington Journal Anthony Cordesman on 17 Billion Payment to Iran
    Last Aired

    $1.7 Billion Payment to Iran

    Anthony Cordesman talked about $1.3 billion cash paid to Iran nine months after a $400 million cash payment made on the day U.S. prisoners were released. A video clip was shown of…

  • Discussion on the Iran Nuclear Agreement
    Last Aired

    International Implications of Iran Nuclear Deal

    Obama administration officials talked about the details and international implications of the Iran nuclear deal. They focused on their efforts to market the agreement and gather support for…

  • Discussion on Saudi Arabias Leadership Changes
    Last Aired

    Saudi Arabia's New Leadership

    Middle East scholars and energy experts talked about the implications of recent changes in Saudi Arabia’s leadership on the global energy market and regional stability. In April 2015 the Saudi Interior…

  • Washington Journal Anthony Cordesman on US Strategy Against ISIS
    Last Aired

    U.S. Strategy for Combating ISIS

    Anthony Cordesman talked about President Obama’s strategy toward defeating ISIL* which he laid out in an address earlier in the week. He reacted to a video clip of the previous day’s…

  • Political Unrest and Violence in Syria
    Last Aired

    Political Unrest and Violence in Syria

    Panelists discussed political unrest and human rights violations in the violent uprising in Syria. Donatella Rovera described her recent trip to Syria and the human rights violations she…

  • Afghanistan and Pakistan
    Last Aired

    Afghanistan and Pakistan

    Panelists spoke about U.S. operations in Afghanistan and preparations for the 2014 troop withdrawal. Among the topics they addressed were U.S. strategy in the region, the capabilities of…

  • Future of Libya
    Last Aired

    Future of Libya

    Anthony Cordesman talked about how the transition governments in Iraq and Afghanistan can help prepare for a new government in Libya, and he responded to telephone calls and electronic…

  • US Pakistan Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S. Pakistan Relations

    Former intelligence officials assessed U.S.-Pakistan relations. In their remarks they criticized U.S. policy toward Pakistan noting that financial support is often given with little means…

  • USArab Defense Cooperation
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Arab Defense Cooperation

    Participants spoke about U.S. military efforts and multilateral cooperation with Arab countries.

  • Afghan Presidential Election
    Last Aired

    Afghan Presidential Election

    Panelists talked about the prospects for Afghanistan’s future, assessing the outcome of the Afghan presidential election, and the implications for future American policy in Afghanistan.…

  • Security and the Iraqi Economy
    Last Aired

    Security and the Iraqi Economy

    Ali al-Dabbagh, a spokesman for the government of Iraq, talked about the situation in Iraq in a talk titled “The Future Operating Environment in Iraq: Capitalizing on Governance and Economic…

  • After Words with Robin Wright
    Last Aired

    After Words with Robin Wright

    Robin Wright talked about her book Dreams and Shadows: The Future of the Middle East, published by Penguin Press. In her book Ms. Wright takes an in-depth look at countries in the Middle…

  • Future Strategy in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Future Strategy in Iraq

    A panel discussion was held on the status of U.S. efforts in Iraq. Topics included the readiness of Iraqi soldiers to take over security operations, the situation in Basra, and how U.S.…

  • US Policy in the Middle East
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy in the Middle East

    Anthony Cordesman talked about his recent trip to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Gulf region, as well as his assessment of the political and military situation in those countries. He responded…

  • US Policy in Iraq
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy in Iraq

    Anthony Cordesman recently traveled to Iraq where he met with Iraqi officials, Ambassador Crocker, General Petraeus, and other key U.S officials. He talked about his report of his trip and…

  • Situation in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Situation in Iraq

    Dr. Cordesman talked with reporters about his recent trip to Iraq sponsored by the U.S. government where he met with senior Iraqi officials and officers, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker and U.S.…

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