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  • Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault
    Last Aired

    Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault

    Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced new guidelines to help local law enforcement agencies identify and prevent gender bias from officers responding to sexual assault and domestic violence issues.…

  • Hearing on Data Breach Legislation
    Last Aired

    Data Security Breach Legislation

    Cybersecurity expert and representatives from the retail and banking sectors testified at a Senate Commerce subcommittee hearing on preventing data breaches affecting consumers and…

  • Hearing Consumer Information Protection
    Last Aired

    Consumer Financial Data Breaches

    Senior officials from Target and Neiman Marcus testified on the recent security breaches at their stores and their companies' ongoing efforts to secure customers' financial data.

  • Fair Lending Settlement
    Last Aired

    Fair Lending Settlement

    Justice Department officials announced that Wells Fargo had agreed to pay $175 million to settle accusations of unfair and discriminatory lending practices to African Americans and Hispanics. It…

  • Mortgage Servicing Settlement
    Last Aired

    Mortgage Servicing Settlement

    Attorney General Eric Holder and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan outlined the $26 billion settlement reached between the federal and state governments and the five…

  • Bank of America Mortgage Lending Settlement
    Last Aired

    Bank of America Mortgage Lending Settlement

    Attorney General Eric Holder announced a $335 million settlement with Countrywide over claims of discriminatory lending practices, the largest fair lending settlement in U.S. history.…

  • Unauthorized Charges on Telephone Bills
    Last Aired

    Unauthorized Charges on Telephone Bills

    Witnesses testified about proposed new rules to make it easier to detect and challenge mystery fees on telephone bills. The proposed FCC rules would require land line phone companies to…

  • State Attorneys General on Financial Regulations Bill
    Last Aired

    State Attorneys General on Financial Regulations Bill

    Three state attorneys general publicly endorsed Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, part of the new financial regulations bill. They also answered questions…

  • Causes of 2008 Financial Collapse Day 2 State and Local Officials
    Last Aired

    Causes of 2008 Financial Collapse, Day 2, State and Local Officials

    State and local officials testified about the 2008 financial collapse. Among the topics they addressed were mortgage origination lawsuits, mortgage fraud prosecutions, and the relationship…

  • Housing Market Fraud
    Last Aired

    Housing Market Fraud

    State attorneys general spoke to reporters following a meeting with state and federal officials on combating fraud against consumers in the housing markets.

  • Mortgage Loan Modification Fraud
    Last Aired

    Mortgage Loan Modification Fraud

    Officials announced a new multi-agency crackdown on mortgage loan modification fraud and foreclosure rescue scams. They spoke about increased efforts to identify fraud suspects for civil…

  • Enforcement of Financial Fraud Laws
    Last Aired

    Enforcement of Financial Fraud Laws

    Witnesses testified about regulation of the financial industry and strengthening enforcement mechanisms at the state and federal levels. Among the issues addressed were enacting law to…

  • Illinois Attorney General Announcement
    Last Aired

    Illinois Attorney General Announcement

    Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that she had filed a motion with the state’s highest court asking to remove Governor Rod Blagojech.

  • Presidential Race
    Last Aired

    Presidential Race

    National union officials joined state officials in speaking to the Illinois delegation to the Democratic National Convention at a breakfast held at the Denver Marriott City Center. The…

  • 2008 Democratic Convention Day 1
    Last Aired

    2008 Democratic Convention, Day 1

    The opening day of the Democratic National Convention at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado focused on Senator Barack Obama’s background, experience, character, and vision for America’s future.…

  • State Law Enforcement and Sex Offenders
    Last Aired

    State Law Enforcement and Sex Offenders

    Justice and law enforcement officials talked about the Adam Walsh Act and the possibilities and challenges for state management of sex offenders at the spring meeting of attorneys general.…

  • Gasoline Prices and Energy Trading
    Last Aired

    Gasoline Prices and Energy Trading

    The Senate Democratic Policy Committee will call witnesses to testify about gasoline prices and energy trading such as done by the Enron company in 2001. Unairable due to technical audio…

  • Protecting Telephone Call Records
    Last Aired

    Protecting Telephone Call Records

    A hearing was held titled, “Phone Records for Sale: Why Aren’t Phone Records Safe From Pretexting?” on outlawing the sale of telephone and mobile phone call logs. Two panels of witnesses…

  • Former Senator Paul Simon Funeral
    Last Aired

    Former Senator Paul Simon Funeral

    Numerous dignitaries, family and friends spoke at Senator Paul Simon’s funeral, praising his life, his political ethics, and his moral courage. There were 3,500 mourners at the service for…