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  • Discussion on Dynamic Scoring
    Last Aired

    Congressional Budget Office Scoring

    Economic and tax policy experts talked about the processes used by the government in drafting and assessing budgets, and the steps taken to communicate and explain those figures to Congress…

  • Changing the Tax Policy
    Last Aired

    Politics of Tax Reform

    Tax policy scholars talked about tax code, reforms needed, and the political challenges lawmakers face in changing tax policy. They focused on tax reform during the Reagan administration and the differences in…

  • Taxation of Capital Gains
    Last Aired

    Taxation of Capital Gains

    Witnesses testified about U.S. tax policy and the capital gains tax rate in the context of comprehensive tax reform. The maximum capital gains tax rate was 15 percent, as compared to the maximum individual…

  • US Tax Code and the Wealthy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Tax Code and the Wealthy

    Tax policy experts talked about the U.S. tax code and the wealthy. Among the topics they discussed were capital gains taxes, the definition of “fair” tax policy, reform of Social Security…

  • Individual Tax Rates
    Last Aired

    Individual Tax Rates

    Accountants and economists testified about allowing the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts to expire and the potential impact on individual and corporate tax rates. Among the issues addressed were the…

  • Health Care Overhaul
    Last Aired

    Health Care Overhaul

    This was the third in a series of roundtable hearings intended to bring health care policy and industry experts together to inform the development of comprehensive health care reform…

  • Alternative Minimum Tax
    Last Aired

    Alternative Minimum Tax

    Panelists talked about alternatives to the Alternative Minimum Tax. Alex Brill moderated the panel which focused on retargeting the tax, lowering the impact of the tax on qualifying…

  • Federal Tax Reform
    Last Aired

    Federal Tax Reform

    The President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform held its second public meeting to hear perspectives on tax reform and descriptions of the problems presented by complexity in the tax…

  • Tax Policy
    Last Aired

    Tax Policy

    Panelists talked about tax policy and the impact of tax policy on the 2004 election. Among the specific issues addressed were the functions of taxes, the income tax, the alternative minimum…

  • Health Care News Conference
    Last Aired

    Health Care News Conference

    Secretary Shalala talked about the President Clinton’s health care initiative which would provide tax relief to individuals who cared for elderly family members. She said that this was a…

  • Estate Tax Cuts
    Last Aired

    Estate Tax Cuts

    Mr. Beach and Mr. Burman debated the need for estate tax cuts, which are included in the Republican tax cut proposal.

  • Health Reform Financing
    Last Aired

    Health Reform Financing

    Mr. Burman spoke about the financing of the health care reform legislation currently under consideration in the U.S. Senate. He analyzed the tax burden which will accompany the legislation.