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  • Affordable Care Act and Severability Panel 2
    Last Aired

    Affordable Care Act and Severability, Panel 2

    In the second panel of an American Enterprise Institute forum on pending litigation that could render part of the 2010 health care law unconstitutional, legal scholars talked about how the concept of…

  • emFrank v Gaosem Oral Argument
    Last Aired

    Frank v. Gaos Oral Argument

    The Supreme Court heard oral argument for Frank v. Gaos, concerning the distribution of the monetary awards from class action settlements. Attorney Theodore Frank, the plaintiff, argued the case before…

  • Manhattan Institute Forum on Class Action Suits
    Last Aired

    Class Action Suits

    Participants talked about class action lawsuits and why some critics argue they benefit no one except attorneys. Following James Copland’s introductory explanation of class action lawsuits,…

  • Legal System Reform
    Last Aired

    Legal System Reform

    The Senate Republican Conference held a hearing on tort reform. They talked about measures to lower the numbers of lawsuits brought, general reforms to the judicial system, and ensuring…

  • emThe Cutter Incidentem
    Last Aired

    The Cutter Incident

    Dr. Paul Offit talked about his book The Cutter Incident: How America’s First Polio Vaccine Led to the Growing Vaccine Crisis, published by Yale University Press. The event in the 1950s now known…

  • The Vioxx Settlement
    Last Aired

    The Vioxx Settlement

    A panel discussion was held about the settlement Merck made with users of its pain reliever Vioxx, which it withdrew from the market in 2004 because of new studies showing increased…

  • Federal Regulatory Actions
    Last Aired

    Federal Regulatory Actions

    Panelists talked about legal, economic, and policy issues involved in the U.S. Supreme Court case of Watters v. Wachovia Bank. At issue was the scope of the National Bank Act and federal…

  • emThe Medical Malpractice Mythem
    Last Aired

    The Medical Malpractice Myth

    Tom Baker talked about his book The Medical Malpractice Myth, published by University of Chicago Press. In the book he argues that the real problem with America’s medical liability system…

  • Katrinas Liability Implications
    Last Aired

    Katrina's Liability Implications

    The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research held a panel discussion to address whether insurance companies' flood exclusion clauses are unenforceable under interpretations of the…