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  • Russian Annexation of Crimea
    Last Aired

    Russian Annexation of Crimea

    The U.S. Institute of Peace hosted a discussion on the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014 and its impact five years later. Speakers included the Ukrainian ambassador to the U.S., former State…

  • UkraineRussia Conflict General Philip Breedlove
    Last Aired

    Ukraine-Russia Conflict, General Philip Breedlove

    Following a panel discussion, Retired Air Force General Philip Breedlove delivered remarks to the Atlantic Council about the Ukraine-Russia conflict and potential responses by the…

  • UkraineRussia Conflict
    Last Aired

    Ukraine-Russia Conflict

    The Atlantic Council hosted a discussion with former diplomats and security experts about the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Panelists assessed the recent confrontation…

  • Senators Warner and Rubio React to President Trumps Meeting with Vladimir Putin
    Last Aired

    Russian Interference in Elections

    Natalie Jaresko, the former Ukrainian finance minister, was among the panelists at an Atlantic Council-hosted discussion on Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. They talked about…

  • Panelists Discuss Results of Russian Election
    Last Aired

    Russian Presidential Election Review

    Former U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine John Herbst moderated a panel on Russia’s future under Vladimir Putin. The event came one day after the Russian leader declared victory in his…

  • Russia Experts Discuss President Putin and Russian Elections
    Last Aired

    Russian Politics and President Putin

    A panel examined Russian politics and its direction over the past several years under President Vladimir Putin. They also looked at the upcoming Russian presidential election and what his…

  • Atlantic Council Discussion on Arming Ukraine
    Last Aired

    Atlantic Council Discussion on Arming Ukraine

    Former ambassadors to Russia and Ukraine talked about whether the U.S. should supply weapons to Ukraine. The panelists outlined the pros and cons of doing so and debated what Russia’s response might be…

  • Atlantic Council Discussion Focuses on Tensions Between Russia and Ukraine
    Last Aired

    Russian Influence in Ukraine

    The Atlantic Council hosted a panel discussion on the history of Russian influence in Ukraine. Speakers included former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst and Ukrainian scholars. They talked about the…

  • UN Ambassador Samantha Power Warns Against Ignoring Russian Aggression
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Russia Relations

    Samantha Power delivered remarks at the Atlantic Council on U.S.-Russia relations.

  • US Policy Toward Russia Part 3
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy Toward Russia, Part 3

    Former defense officials and diplomats took part in a panel discussion on U.S. policy toward Russia hosted by the Atlantic Council. Speakers highlighted key strategies for the next…

  • Discussion on Russian Military Intervention in Syria
    Last Aired

    Russian Military Intervention in Syria

    Panelists talked about Russia’s military intervention in the Syrian conflict, particularly its support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over objections from the United States and its allies, including Western countries' responses and…

  • Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 One Year Later
    Last Aired

    Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

    Journalists talked about the circumstances surrounding the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014. All 298 passengers and crew on board…

  • Victoria Nuland Testimony on US Policy Toward Ukraine and Russia
    Last Aired

    Ukraine-Russia Conflict

    Officials from the Departments of State, Treasury, and Defense testified at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on U.S. policy toward Ukraine and Russia. Topics included the Obama administration’s…

  • Debate on Arming Ukraine
    Last Aired

    Arming Ukraine

    Panelists debated whether the U.S. and its allies should provide lethal military assistance to Ukraine. Former U.S. Ambassadors to Ukraine John Herbst and Steven Pifer argued in favor of arming…

  • Washington Journal John Herbst on Conflict in Ukraine
    Last Aired

    Conflict in Ukraine and U.S._Russia Relationship

    Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst talked about developments in Ukraine between Russian-backed rebels and Ukrainian forces. Among other topics he discussed whether the current…

  • Discussion on Ukraine
    Last Aired

    Ukraine-Russia Conflict

    U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoff Pyatt outlined the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. He focused on U.S.-Ukraine relations and Russia’s violation of the territorial integrity of…

  • Washington Journal Elections in Ukraine
    Last Aired

    Elections in Ukraine

    John Herbst talked about the implications of Ukraine’s presidential election happening that day, and the continued unrest between Russia and Ukraine. Michael Birnbaum, speaking by phone from…

  • Washington Journal Protests in Ukraine
    Last Aired

    Unrest In Ukraine

    Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst talked about protests in Ukraine against the government of President Viktor Yanukovych. He explained the reasons for the unrest, the types of people…

  • Andrew Kramer on Civil Unrest in Ukraine
    Last Aired

    Conditions in Ukraine

    New York Times reporter Andrew Kramer, speaking by phone from Ukraine, described some the unrest taking place in that country.

  • Iraq Reconstruction Report
    Last Aired

    Iraq Reconstruction Report

    The Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) Stuart Bowen, testified on his final report on Iraq reconstruction efforts. The hearing also focused on lessons learned from…

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