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    Race and the Vietnam War

    University of Kansas Professor Beth Bailey discussed how issues of race affected the U.S. military -- and its self-perception of being color blind -- during the Vietnam War. She focused on…

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    U.S. Soldier Morale 1971-1973

    A panel of historians examined the morale of U.S. soldiers in the final two years of the Vietnam War. This discussion was part of an all-day conference titled “Manpower and Morale After…

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    U.S. Army Policy Changes After Vietnam

    The assistant army secretary of Manpower and Reserve Affairs talked about the policy changes and the lessons learned since the Vietnam War. He argued that the U.S. Army should remain an…

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    Building an All-Volunteer Force After Vietnam

    President Nixon ordered the end of the U.S. draft in 1971, but it did not officially end until 1973. In this program, military historians discussed the transition into an all-volunteer force, and…

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    Coping With Low Morale During the Vietnam War

    A former U.S. Army psychiatrist and a retired U.S. Marine Lt. Colonel who both served in Vietnam joined two historians to discuss the problem of low morale in the final years of American participation…

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    Manpower and Morale After the 1968 Tet Offensive

    Historians looked at military manpower and morale trends after the 1968 Tet Offensive. Topics included draft and enlistment rates of college graduates, the perspective of Army Chaplains, and Project 100,000…

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    1917 Selective Service Act and the Draft

    Richard Faulkner and Beth Bailey talked about the evolution of the military draft in the United States from the Civil War to the Vietnam War and beyond, when military service eventually…