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  • Childrens Online Privacy
    Last Aired

    Children's Online Privacy

    The Center for Digital Democracy hosted a series of discussions to mark the 20th anniversary of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Senator Edward Markey (D-MA), one of the bill’s…

  • Senate Banking Panel Examines Consumer Data Protection at Credit Bureaus
    Last Aired

    Equifax Data Breach

    Representatives of the credit reporting industry and consumer protection groups were among the witnesses at a hearing on potential legislative responses to the Equifax data breach, which…

  • Panel Discussion on Privacy Rights
    Last Aired

    Panel Discussion on Privacy Rights

    Jim Dwyer, author of More Awesome Than Money: Four Boys, Three Years, and a Chronicle of Ideals and Ambition in Silicon Valley; Amitai Etzioni, author of The New Normal: Finding a Balance between…

  • Georgetown Law Hosts Discussion on Intelligence Gathering
    Last Aired

    National Security Agency Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering

    Representative James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), gave the keynote address at a Georgetown University Law Center discussion on proposed changes by Congress to National Security Agency (NSA)…

  • Privacy  Civil Liberties Oversight Board Afternoon Sessions
    Last Aired

    Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, Technical Perspectives

    Technical experts talked about the National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance programs leaked to the press by Edward Snowden. They explained how the collection of “metadata” can be used by the…

  • Constitutional Searches and Privacy
    Last Aired

    Constitutional Searches and Privacy

    Criminal, privacy, and constitutional law scholars discussed the upcoming Florida v. Jardines and Florida v. Harris Supreme Court cases. Both cases focused on privacy rights and the…

  • Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendments Renewal
    Last Aired

    Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendments Renewal

    Witnesses testified about proposed amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that would extend and expand the government’s ability to collect intelligence, or spy, on…

  • Google Privacy
    Last Aired

    Google Privacy

    Marc Rotenberg talked about Google’s new privacy policy, which allows the company to share all of the personal data it has from more than 1 billion users across all of its services. Attorneys…

  • Video Rental Privacy
    Last Aired

    Video Rental Privacy

    Netflix general counsel David Hyman and two online privacy advocates testified on a House-passed bill, HR 2471, that would allow Netflix and other online video providers to seek one-time consent…

  • US Cyber Security
    Last Aired

    U.S. Cyber Security

    Marc Rotenberg and Larry Clinton, two critics of the Obama administration’s proposals for reducing cyber threats against the U.S., talked about their objections and criticisms.

  • Consumer Data Protection
    Last Aired

    Consumer Data Protection

    Witnesses testified about draft legislation that would establish national standards for data security and notification of a breach. Companies would be required to notify consumers and the…

  • Cell Phone Tracking and Privacy Issues
    Last Aired

    Cell Phone Tracking and Privacy Issues

    Marc Rotenberg talked about questions raised by recent disclosures that cell phones and other devices contain tracking software that records users' locations. Mr. Rotenberg also responded…

  • Transportation Safety Administration Oversight
    Last Aired

    Transportation Safety Administration Oversight

    Witnesses testified about airport security and body imaging technology, as well as the effectiveness, health risks and privacy concerns with using body imaging technology in airports.…

  • Privacy Location and Social Networking
    Last Aired

    Privacy, Location, and Social Networking

    Participants spoke about online technology, social networks, and Internet privacy. Among the topics they addressed were the history and future of encryption, the role of federal regulatory…

  • Airport Security Procedures Legal Challenges
    Last Aired

    Airport Security Procedures, Legal Challenges

    Panelists spoke about airport security and the constitutionality of the Transportation Security Agency’s use of body scanners and enhanced pat-downs. In his remarks Jeffrey Rosen outlined…

  • Airport Security Procedures Passenger Rights
    Last Aired

    Airport Security Procedures, Passenger Rights

    Airline passenger rights advocates spoke about airport security and passenger rights, particularly at security checkpoints. They said that airport security had become a choice between being…

  • Airport Security Procedures Body Scanners
    Last Aired

    Airport Security Procedures, Body Scanners

    Panelists spoke about the use of body scanners at security checkpoints in airports. In his remarks, Ralph Nader called for more government oversight of the Transportation Security Agency’s…

  • Representative Rush Holt on Airport Security Procedures
    Last Aired

    Representative Rush Holt on Airport Security Procedures

    Representative Rush Holt (D-NJ) spoke about airport security and the role Congress played in setting security policy and procedures for the Transportation Security Administration.

  • Medical Privacy
    Last Aired

    Medical Privacy

    Marc Rotenberg talked about improving medical privacy. He responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. C-SPAN Radio’s Bobbi Jackson read news headlines at the end of the…

  • Privacy Issues
    Last Aired

    Privacy Issues

    Marc Rotenberg talked about privacy concerns over proposed initiatives in Congress and by the Obama administration. Topics included new legislation that would require Internet service providers to store search data for…

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