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  • emRIP GOPem
    Last Aired

    R.I.P. G.O.P.

    Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg talked about his book, RIP GOP: How the New America is Dooming the Republicans, in which he offered his thoughts on how the Republican Party will fare…

  • Forum Focuses on Opportunities for People with Disabilities
    Last Aired

    Equality for People with Disabilities Forum, Part 1

    Food Network Channel Host and Author Marc Summers was among the speakers at the RespectAbility USA forum on equality for people with disabilities. Mr. Summers talked about his challenges as…

  • Interview on emAmerica Ascendantem
    Last Aired

    Interview on America Ascendant

    Stanley Greenberg talked about his book, America Ascendant: A Revolutionary Nation’s Path to Addressing Its Deepest Problems and Leading the 21st Century. This interview was held at the…

  • emChristian Science Monitorem Breakfast with Stan Greenberg and Page Gardner
    Last Aired

    Christian Science Monitor Breakfast on Voters and Election Issues

    Stan Greenberg and Page Gardner spoke with reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast. They talked about a new survey of likely 2016 voters. According to the survey data, unmarried…

  • Discussion with Charlie Cook on Midterm Elections
    Last Aired

    National Journal Midterm Election Preview

    Charlie Cook previewed the 2014 midterm elections with former pollsters for Bill Clinton and Mitt Romney. They talked about the impact of changing demographics on the Republican Party,…

  • Voter Demographics and 2012 Elections
    Last Aired

    Voter Demographics and 2012 Elections

    Panelists analyzed the impact of various voter demographics on the 2012 election results. They responded to questions from members of the audience. Gregory Capelli made luncheon remarks about the…

  • PostElection Analysis
    Last Aired

    Post-Election Analysis

    Journalists, pollsters and Republican and Democratic Party representatives analyzed the results and implications of the 2012 elections. Topics included the campaign strategy of President…

  • Campaign Management and Strategy
    Last Aired

    Campaign Management and Strategy

    Democratic strategists talked about President Obama’s re-election campaign and previewed his nomination acceptance speech. Other topics included the president’s agenda for a second term,…

  • Democrats and the 2012 Election
    Last Aired

    Democrats and the 2012 Election

    Stan Greenberg talked about Mitt Romney acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, as well as vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s. He also responded to telephone calls and…

  • James Carville  Stan Greenberg
    Last Aired

    James Carville & Stan Greenberg

    James Carville, a Democratic strategist, and Stan Greenberg, a Democratic pollster, discussed a wide range of current topics. Topics included the middle class, the 2012 presidential campaign, and…

  • Presidential Pollsters
    Last Aired

    Presidential Pollsters

    Veteran pollsters Mark Penn, Ed Goeas, Stan Greenberg, and political analyst Bill Schneider discussed presidential polls and the effect of public opinion on presidents and their administrations. They…

  • State of US Politics
    Last Aired

    State of U.S. Politics

    Panelists talked about the 2010 midterm results and the potential impact of the Republican-led house in the 112th Congress. They also responded to questions from the audience.

  • Bipartisan Policy Center Summit
    Last Aired

    Bipartisan Policy Center Summit

    Following 2010 midterm elections the Bipartisan Policy Center held a summit on the ability of the new Congress and President Obama to work together to solve the nation’s problems. Among the…

  • 2010 Midterm Elections
    Last Aired

    2010 Midterm Elections

    Pollster Michael Dimock spoke with National Journal writers about the results of the latest Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)-National Journal Congressional Connection poll on…

  • Health Care and 2010 Midterm Elections
    Last Aired

    Health Care and 2010 Midterm Elections

    Leading Democratic and Republican pollsters talked about the role health care has played in 2010 midterm elections. Wilt Ayres talked about the Republican Party view of the health care law,…

  • 2010 and 2012 Elections
    Last Aired

    2010 and 2012 Elections

    Republican and Democratic strategists talked about the 2010 congressional mid-term and 2012 presidential elections. Among the topics they addressed were the likely impact of economic…

  • Assessing the Obama Presidency
    Last Aired

    Assessing the Obama Presidency

    Political consultants talked about the Obama presidency. They focused on job performance, polling numbers, and challenges that have faced the administration in its first year. They also…

  • After Words with Stan Greenberg
    Last Aired

    After Words with Stan Greenberg

    Stan Greenberg talked about his book Dispatches from the War Room: In the Trenches with Five Extraordinary Leaders (Thomas Dunne Books; February 17, 2009). In his memoir, he recounts his work with President…

  • Summer Reading Mary Matalin  Stan Greenberg
    Last Aired

    Summer Reading: Mary Matalin & Stan Greenberg

    Mary Matalin and Stan Greenberg answered the question “What are you reading this summer?” Ms. Matalin mentioned Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto by Mark R. Levin; The Works of…

  • Discussion on the Vice Presidential Debate
    Last Aired

    Discussion on the Vice Presidential Debate

    The National Journal discussed the vice presidential debate between Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden. Topics included who won the debate, how well each delivered their messages,…

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