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  • Vice President Pence Lawmakers Address Conference on the Americas
    Last Aired

    Conference on the Americas

    Vice President Mike Pence, members of Congress, and foreign leaders delivered remarks at the Conference on the Americas, co-hosted by the State Department and the Council of the Americas in…

  • Leon Panetta and John Negroponte Discuss the Future of Democracy
    Last Aired

    Global Democracies

    Former Defense Secretary and CIA Director Leon Panetta and former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte were among the speakers at a Washington Post discussion on the future of…

  • UN Ambassador Haley Calls for Venezuelan President Maduro to Step Down
    Last Aired

    Ambassador Haley Remarks to Council of the Americas

    U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley spoke at the 48th Annual Washington Conference on the Americas, during which she stressed U.S. commitment to the Western Hemisphere and called on Venezuelan…

  • Former Ambassadors Discuss NAFTA and Security Implications
    Last Aired

    NAFTA and National Security Implications

    The Heritage Foundation hosted a discussion on NAFTA negotiations and the national security implications if the U.S. pulls out of the agreement. Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE), a strong NAFTA…

  • US Global Leadership Senator Sullivan and NAFTA Panel
    Last Aired

    U.S. Global Leadership, Senator Sullivan and NAFTA Panel

    Participants talked about the ways U.S. diplomatic strategy had shifted since President Trump took office and his administration’s effect ton the nation’s place of leadership in the world.…

  • Council on Foreign Relations Examines State of USChina Ties
    Last Aired

    U.S.-China Relations

    The Council on Foreign Relations hosted a discussion on the history and future of U.S. - China relations, with a focus on U.S. policy in the Asia-Pacific region. Panelists examined China’s…

  • Discussion Focuses on President Trumps First 100 Days
    Last Aired

    President Trump's First 100 Days

    The Atlantic Council of the U.S. held a forum on the first 100 days of the Trump administration. The panelists focused on the president’s domestic and foreign policy actions. Speakers…

  • Atlantic Council Hosts Forum on USMexico Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Mexico Relations

    Current Obama and former George W. Bush administration officials took part in a discussion on U.S.-Mexico security and economic relations. The first panel focused on national security…

  • NSA Director Michael Rogers on Cybersecurity
    Last Aired

    Cybersecurity Threats

    Admiral Michael Rogers talked about his first year-and-a-half as National Security Agency (NSA) director, U.S. Cyber Command commander, and Central Security Service (CSS) chief. He spoke…

  • Hearing on UN Peacemaking
    Last Aired

    U.N. Peacekeeping

    Ambassador Samantha Power and foreign policy specialists Bruce Jones and John Negroponte testified at a hearing on United Nations peacekeeping missions. Many questions focused on the…

  • Senator Bob Corker on Middle East Policy
    Last Aired

    Senator Corker on Middle East Policy

    Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Bob Corker (R-TN) talked about U.S. policy toward the Middle East and answered questions from diplomats, foreign policy experts, and others in a discussion…

  • James Clapper on Intelligence and National Security
    Last Aired

    James Clapper on Intelligence and National Security

    James Clapper gave one of the plenary addresses at the AFCEA International and the Intelligence and National Security Alliance second annual Intelligence and National Security Summit. He talked…

  • Discussion on President Nixons Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    President Nixon's Foreign Policy

    Former members of President Nixon’s National Security Council talked about his foreign policy. Topics include “Vietnamization,” the Paris Peace Accords, and foreign relations with China.

  • Discussion on the Bush Doctrine and Combating Terrorism
    Last Aired

    George W. Bush Presidency and Counterterrorism

    Former officials who served under President George W. Bush talked about the administration’s approach to combating terrorism and the “Bush Doctrine” of unilaterally pursuing U.S. military…

  • Discussion on US National Security and Diplomacy
    Last Aired

    U.S. National Security and Diplomacy

    Ambassador John Negroponte talked about U.S. national security and diplomacy issues. He spoke about the evolution of the U.S. as an international economic and political power, and what he…

  • Washington Journal Violence in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Militant Uprising in Iraq

    John Negroponte talked about the latest developments in the situation in Iraq. The Obama administration announced it was considering sending a small number of U.S. special forces soldiers to Iraq…

  • National Security and Intelligence Operations
    Last Aired

    National Security and Intelligence Operations

    Congressional leaders spoke about intelligence operations and national security issues. Among the topics they addressed were the U.S. and international community response to the use of…

  • National Security Agency Data Collection
    Last Aired

    National Security Agency Data Collection

    Two former directors of National Intelligence talked about National Security Agency (NSA) intelligence and data collection. Both were involved with the beginning and expansion of the NSA surveillance programs. Barton Gellman,…

  • Task Force Looks at Preserving Internet Security
    Last Aired

    Internet Security, Part 1

    Panelists talked about a cyber-warfare task force report on cyber threats to the United States. The report found that offensive cyber capabilities are required to deter attacks, and, if…

  • US Intelligence Gathering
    Last Aired

    U.S. Intelligence Gathering

    John Negroponte talked about U.S. intelligence information gathering and sharing, and he responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Other topics to include Syria, violence in…

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