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  • Discussion on President Nixons National Security Council
    Last Aired

    President Nixon and the National Security Council

    Former members of President Nixon’s National Security Council (NSC) talked about his efforts to form a comprehensive, efficient national security policy that drew on the government’s diplomatic…

  • Richard Nixon as a Cold War Strategist
    Last Aired

    Richard Nixon as a Cold War Strategist

    The Richard Nixon Foundation hosted a discussion on President Nixon’s foreign policy. Topics included how President Nixon regarded America’s role in the world, his pursuit of détente at the height of the…

  • Ronald Reagan and the Fall of the Berlin Wall Part 1
    Last Aired

    Ronald Reagan and the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Part 1

    Members of the Reagan administration and others participated at an event to mark the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and pay tribute to Ronald Reagan. They spoke about the role President Reagan…

  • Prosperity Peace and Freedom
    Last Aired

    Prosperity, Peace, and Freedom

    Participants reflected on the Reagan Administration and his views on foreign policy. They focused on the increased strength of American defenses and the fight against Communism. They also…

  • Crisis in Korea
    Last Aired

    Crisis in Korea

    The panelists talked about U.S.-North Korea relations, focusing on the crisis over North Korea’s attempts to build nuclear weapons. They discussed diplomatic and military options, and the responses of…

  • Reagan Shooting
    Last Aired

    Reagan Shooting

    Mr. Allen talked about his article in The Atlantic about the day President Reagan was shot. He had tape-recorded the conversations in the “war room” as White House officials dealt with the…

  • Future of National Security
    Last Aired

    Future of National Security

    Former national security advisors spoke about future challenges to national security. Among the issues they addressed were intelligence gathering, threats of terrorism, national missile…

  • China Technology Transfer Investigation
    Last Aired

    China Technology Transfer Investigation

    Committee members held a procedural hearing regarding China. They talked about the formation of an investigative panel to look at possible transfers of technology to China. The resolution…

  • Coeducational Military Training Report
    Last Aired

    Coeducational Military Training Report

    Secretary Cohen and former senator Kassebaum-Baker discussed a military report that recommends the separation of men and women during basic training. The report was issued by a citizen…

  • Situation in Russia
    Last Aired

    Situation in Russia

    Mr. Allen discussed the current conflict in the Russian Federation. He approved of Mr. Yeltsin’s handling of the “reactionaries” who have attempted to take over the White House, the seat of…

  • PostElection Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    Post-Election Foreign Policy

    Mr. Allen and Ms. Stern debated the foreign policy proposals of the Bush and Clinton presidential campaigns. Mr. Allen advocated the Bush administration’s foreign policy proposals, and reviewed…

  • PostCold War Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    Post-Cold War Foreign Policy

    The committee heard testimony on the future of U.S. foreign policy from three former national security advisers from the Kennedy, Carter and Reagan administrations. Among the issues brought up in the…

  • US Foreign Aid Priorities
    Last Aired

    U.S. Foreign Aid Priorities

    The second panel for the Center for National Policy discussed the topic “Priorities and the Public,” and how public opinion affects foreign aid.

  • Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    Foreign Policy

    Mr. Allen discussed several factors that contribute to successful national security. Due to age of the source media, the video breaks up.