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  • Globalization and Democracy
    Last Aired

    Globalization and Democracy

    In a forum titled “First International Roundtable on the Theory and Practice of Civic Globalism,” participants described civil society in their individual countries. They discussed the…

  • Political and Civil Freedoms
    Last Aired

    Political and Civil Freedoms

    Participants talked about the annual survey of freedom in the world. They looked at the eleven least free countries in the world and their violations of human and civil rights. They also…

  • emSale of the Century Russias Wild Rideem
    Last Aired

    Sale of the Century: Russia's Wild Ride

    Ms. Freeland talked about her book Sale of the Century: Russia’s Wild Ride from Communism to Capitalism, published by Random House. The book examines the triumphs and failures of the Russian…

  • The State of Freedom
    Last Aired

    The State of Freedom

    Participants talked to reporters about the Freedom House annual survey on political rights and civil liberties. They focused on each major region of the globe and highlighted spots of…

  • Freedom in the World Survey
    Last Aired

    Freedom in the World Survey

    The panelists gave a year end summary report of the work of Freedom House representatives for this past year. They described the political life and civil liberties of the people in the…

  • Clinton Foreign Policy Midterm Review
    Last Aired

    Clinton Foreign Policy Midterm Review

    The participants discussed the Clinton administration’s foreign policy in the first six months, as well as the public’s attitudes toward foreign policy.

  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    Last Aired

    North Atlantic Treaty Organization

    Participants discussed the future of NATO and the potential membership or partnership of various Central and Eastern European countries. They addressed various international security issues…

  • Politics in Poland
    Last Aired

    Politics in Poland

    The panelists discussed the recent election in Poland and the failure of Polish people to elect a leader. The panel speculated on the possible outcome of the runoff election to take place…