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  • Nuclear Weapons in Muslim Countries
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    Nuclear Weapons in Muslim Countries

    Panelists talked about Iran’s nuclear proliferation ambitions. All agreed Iran’s nuclear program is a serious threat to the U.S. and the region. David Albright, founder of the Institute for Science and…

  • USIndia Nuclear Pact
    Last Aired

    U.S.-India Nuclear Pact

    Leonard Spector talked about a potential U.S.-Indian nuclear pact. The Indian Prime Minister this week vowed to push forward on a nuclear pact with the United States after he narrowly…

  • International Bioterrorism Issues
    Last Aired

    International Bioterrorism Issues

    Undersecretary Bolton talked about the challenges of biological weapons and the threat of bioterrorism. He noted that President Bush’s anti-terrorism campaign includes the elimination of…

  • International Nuclear Proliferation
    Last Aired

    International Nuclear Proliferation

    Mr. Zukang discussed the International Nuclear Proliferation regime and how members must not take advantage of the military situation in South Asia or proliferation will be disrupted.

  • UN SecretaryGeneral Selection Process 2
    Last Aired

    U.N. Secretary-General Selection Process, 2

    In a hearing on the U.N. Secretary-General selection process, participants testified on the role and responsibilities of the Secretary-General. The three panels in this portion focused on…

  • Russian Organized Crime and Nuclear Security
    Last Aired

    Russian Organized Crime and Nuclear Security

    Director Woolsey and other intelligence administrators testified concerning the growing problem of Russian organized crime and the implications to the Russian nuclear weapons security.

  • Situation in Iraq
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    Situation in Iraq

    The guests discussed the situation in Iraq and specifically the prospects for the Clinton Administration in this region. In addition, the guests analyzed the way the U.N. is being utilized…

  • North Korea and Nuclear Nonproliferation
    Last Aired

    North Korea and Nuclear Nonproliferation

    The Arms Control Association sponsored a forum on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and its effect on the balance of power in Southeast Asia and the world. Mr. Keeny reviewed the previous…

  • North Korean Nuclear Capability
    Last Aired

    North Korean Nuclear Capability

    The subcommittee heard testimony from a number of experts in the areas of nuclear science and international security. They spoke on the possible threat of North Korean nuclear proliferation. The North Korean…

  • US Persian Gulf Policy
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    U.S. Persian Gulf Policy

    The committee met to discuss U.S. policy in the Persian Gulf region and focused particularly on the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Each witness outlined the military options for the United States. Mr. Odom…